How to deal with bad employees

Bad employees are certainly a terrible news for a company. These people can damage the name of a company, reduce sales, or create a pessimistic working atmosphere in the office.

Recognize the bad employees

It is difficult to classify the bad employees in a company. They can be identified on the basis of their past performance, attitude towards the work and co-workers, efficiency level, loyalty towards the company and so on. Companies have their policies and procedures to recognize them. Matter becomes complex when bad employees are the employees who have been working with the company for a long time. A manager should get all the facts regarding employees’ past and present performance and then take the appropriate actions.

Counseling and words of warning

Managers should take straightforward approach when dealing with the bad employees. They should speak to their employees about what they are seeing and how vital it is to have the entire department functioning cordially. They should ask their bad employees if they are having any kind of problem or if there is something happening in the office which is causing their bad attitude. They should give their full attention if their bad employee wants to share his or her problem with them. They should counsel them about how they can resolve their problems and improve their attitude and performance.

Along with the counseling, warning should be given as well. Manager should let the bad employees know that their performance is not up to the standards and improvement is necessary. If necessary, keep them under probation and make it very clear to them that if they won’t correct their attitude, they will be thrown out of the organization.

Suspend them or remove them from the job

If the situation reaches to the point where a manager has attempted everything but the employees are still not keen on changing their behavior, then the manager needs to start with the suspension or termination procedure in accordance with company’s policies. Before taking any action, they should let the concerned employees know about their lack of efforts toward improvement and the kind of actions that would be taken against them.

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