How to deal with bad breath

Bad breath often hinders our social life and causes embarrassment. It also speaks volumes about our internal health disorders and unhygienic oral conditions. Read on to know the best ways to deal with this problem.

Oral hygiene

A very useful way to get away from bad breath is brushing the teeth after every meal with the help of very good quality toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. In addition, flossing everyday before bed is a good habit. It keeps away food particles and plaque formation and keeps the mouth bacteria free. Regular rinsing of mouth with a mouthwash also prevents bad mouth odor and public embarrassment. You should also make sure the tongue is scraped off gunk well to remove food debris, dead cells, or odor forming bacterial build-up.


In most cases, more than oral hygiene digestion disorder plays a significant reason to cause bad odor issues. Toxicity in digestive tract, undigested food, acidity and gas formation cause the bad breath in many people. It also can be an outcome of food-intolerance or even intake of too much fatty, oily, under-cooked, and salty food. The problem can be better handled with intake of more fresh fruits, whole grains, maintaining a proper timing for food intake and ensuring a healthy diet of home cooked food. Another popular reason for bad breath is a dry mouth. Keeping the mouth well salivated helps keep off the formation of bacteria in our mouths that causes bad breath. An adult should consume about 8-10 cups of water daily and at regular intervals. The water keeps the mouth wet and also ensures a healthy removal of food particles from the mouth keeping the internal health in perfect condition as well as maintains oral hygiene.

Vitamins and supplements

Bad breath can also be the outcome of lack of proper vitamins and food supplements. Lack of iron and zinc minerals in our body also causes bad breath. Food supplements or capsules should be administered to the person suffering to neutralize the bad mouth odor. Kalium phosphate and silicon dioxide are minerals that prevents bad stink in our mouths. Both these minerals remove body toxins responsible for the situation.

Oxygenating toothpaste with NaCl formula

Brush your teeth twice a day to deal with bad breath. If possible brush your teeth with a oxygenating toothpaste after every meal. This kind of toothpaste has a strong antibacterial formula to fight bleeding gums and periodontal disease which are the most common cause of bad breath. If you are suffering from bad breath it is good to use a toothpaste which contains salt. Presence of sodium chloride in your paste will generate more saliva in your mouth which is necessary to fight the harmful micro organisms. The salt in your tooth paste strengthens bleeding gums and prevents plaque.

Floss your teeth and scrape your tongue

Most of the times there are food particles that get trapped in between teeth and do not come out even after brushing. In this case flossing is the best remedy. Always use sterilized dental floss to avoid any infections while cleaning your teeth. Scrapping your tongue also removes the decomposing residue left after meals in your mouth. These two methods are very helpful in improving the overall health of your teeth and tongue and therefore reducing the bad breath.

Drink plenty of water and use oral rinse

Beside everything else drinking a lot of water is the best way to hydrate your mouth as suggested by the experts. This also helps to wash away the leftover food particles after the meals. Hence, drinking plenty of water naturally prevents the bad breath. Use an oral rinse that is alcohol free to freshen up your mouth. The rinse that contains zinc, chlorhexidine, chlorine dioxide or triclosan helps to neutralize acids that cause dental decay, reduces sensitivity and prevents bad breath.

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