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Avoiding truth may take your life in a wrong direction

Avoiding truth

You always have a choice to tell the truth or to lie to people around you. You sure would agree with the fact that when you tell the truth you really do not have to make efforts to remember the facts or tell another lie to cover that up. On the contrary, those who tell a lie become victim of anxiety and stress, as they have to keep themselves ready to prove that they were not telling a lie.

Why do we lie?

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Research says that on an average a person tells a lie almost ten times a week. You tell a lie since you find it easier than telling the truth or taking the responsibility for your actions. Lying helps you save your face and takes away the guilt feeling from you, though for a while only. The lie you tell other starts making a sense after a while as you live in your own fantasy world where everything seems perfectly fine. It gives you a false feeling of control and feeds you ego, which may eventually bounce back at times.

How lying makes your life harder


Thos who tell a lie cannot afford to take it easy. They have to keep their eyes and ears open as they take an easy way out which demands them to pay a price for it when the right time comes. They cannot be themselves since they intentionally chose to get into someone else’s skin. It is far more difficult than even telling the truth as in most cases, those who lie have to be fully prepared with a backup plan.

It keeps away you from success

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People who usually take shelter of lies get fewer chances to successful in life. However, even if you get success in life it is always short-lived since you really do not deserve to be successful. Those who usually lie are always miles away from success as success require you to be on your toes. Success never comes easy to anyone. It requires you to accept what is real and to be transparent in your communication with all others around you.

It keeps your well-wishers away from you

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You lie once, twice or even thrice but once your loved ones get to know that you lie to them, they often find it hard to trust you, no matter what. It usually takes a lot of time to build the trust and one mistake on your part may take all your efforts down the drain.

Lying means efforts on your part


Those people who lie can never take the luxury to live in the moment since they cannot afford to push things to the back of their minds. Telling the truth may leave you with a bitter taste on your mouth but when you tell the truth, you don’t have to make efforts to remember anything. Those people who tell the truth enjoy an effortless life as they chose to live in the world of harsh realities.

It causes frustration and depression

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When the person lives under pressure to remember the long list of lies he had told others he is more prone to develop anxiety, frustration and depression. They have to make efforts to hide the truth and to prove themselves right which usually affects their regular life. You live with a fear of losing trust of your loved ones, which takes your life in a wrong direction.

Avoiding the truth may seem fun for a while but it has harmful effects in the end. You must dare to live in the real world if you wish to lead a happy and a content life.

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