How to deal with anger issues in men

Anger is a very important way of expressing your emotions. Anger is an emotion that helps in the identification of situations which are negative. Management of anger is very important as unman-aged anger can prove very harmful. Anger can cause various health issues like high blood pressure, headaches and heart troubles. Anger management helps in becoming aware of anger feelings and in turn coping with them in the most healthy and effective way. Here we have given some ways to deal with anger issues in men.


Anger leads to a physiological response in body which in turn leads to the flow of hormone adrenaline in mans blood. This hormone in turn leads to the increase of heart beat and breadth rate. Blood flows to the brain, lungs and heart which prepare the body to either fight or run away from the situation. The best way to subside your anger is to exercise. Exercise deals with the excess adrenaline in the blood and also releases another hormone endorphin which in turn elevates your mood. Exercise is the best way to give an outlet to your emotions. So exercise regularly for a more anger free life.

Change the environment

Men can control their emotions by actually moving out of the environment that has triggered the anger response. By moving out of the situation you can take a charge of the emotions. Take a break from the stressing situation. Take yourself out of the situation and take time to think before you respond to the situation. Try and understand whether the other person is right or wrong. Understand how you can respond to the situation without getting angry. Before you respond to a situation that makes you angry take a time out and move out for a walk or talk to a friend before responding.


When men are angry they forget to breathe. Breathing helps men to relax when they are angry. The best way to calm down your anger is to take few deep breaths. If you cannot take yourself out of the situation that is making you angry the best option is to take some deep breaths and give yourself some time to respond.

Solve problems

Helplessness triggers a feeling of anger in men. Men get angry when they feel that they cannot actually do anything about the situation. Understand the situations that trigger anger in men. You need to be pro active in identifying the situation that makes you angry. Try and solve the problem using different problem solving techniques. If a particular situation causes anger then try and avoid the situation. Reschedule the timings or take a different route to your work place or if possible start working from home. The best way to relieve your anger is to feel positive about everything and the situation.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

CBT is a technique that has helped in solving anger problems in a large number of people especially men. This technique has solved anger problems in men who belong to different races and different backgrounds. This technique helps in the identification of things that actually trigger anger in men and the ways that can be used to control your anger related issues. Relaxing techniques are used for anger management. The relaxing techniques help to counter the effects of anger. This technique helps to reduce the physical and emotional effects of anger. The cognitive techniques help the men to recognize and control inflammatory thinking. Men using this technique have a different understanding of the situation and know the best way to deal with the situation. Role playing is also used in the therapy. CBT can be used on single bases or in groups. Professional help can be used to solve anger related issues. Anger is an emotion that can ruin lot of relationships and also harms you physically and emotionally. Anger management techniques include group sessions and individual sessions as well. Men learn strategies by looking at the way other men respond to a particular situation. Men are made to undergo sessions and they understand the situations that cause anger and then they understand the way they should respond to the situation. The therapists sit with men and talk to them so that they understand how they feel and the way they respond to anger situations. When you have somebody to listen to you, it also reduces anger and frustration.

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