You gain most when you contribute

There goes the saying ‘the more you give, the more you get’. To give or to contribute is an act of generosity. But, most people have forgotten to be generous nowadays. Everybody is busy with their own life. Their prime concern in life is themselves. So, there is no time to think about others or contribute something to other person’s life. You may feel that making your life secure and living your life happily is what life is all about. But, there is more to life than that. Life really begins when you learn to contribute.

There are a lot of fine and beautiful things in life. These cannot be bought with money. They can only be bought through generosity. Do not think that life is you. You have to consider your fellow beings too. Only then, can we gain from life. If you still have not started to get concerned about others, let us see some ways through which it can be begun.


How to be generous?

  • There are a lot of charitable trusts and such non profit organizations. Try to contribute something to them. Always, helping the needy is a great thing to do.
  • Try to see what kind of needy people are around you and try to empathize with them instead of just sympathizing for them.
  • Be sure to watch your budget while contributing. Do what you can in a simple manner but still elegantly.
  • You can voluntarily take part in programs and functions conducted by charity organizations and help them.
  • Visiting a non profit organization and talking and sharing thoughts with the inmates over there is also a very good thing. These people may not have much friends and so sharing their opinions with someone will be a great thing for them.
  • Take part in trips organized by such institutes and help sick people who have nobody to look after them.
  • Always your focus should be in contributing and not in gaining. You gain most when you contribute.

Grandmother and grandchild

Why to contribute?

People have a notion that happiness comes from being generous within their own life. You may help your friends and relatives when they are in need. But, to help someone who we do not know, that needs a mind filled with kindness and generosity. If every person in the world start thinking about his neighbor and start giving to others, then, the world would have been a peaceful place to live.  You develop yourself mentally, spiritually and psychologically when you start giving. Today there is war and killings everywhere. This is all because of the unconcerned nature of human beings about their fellow humans. If this has to change, then, you have to change. Your attitude has to change. It is never too late.

So, start practicing how to contribute now itself. It is better late than never. Do keep in mind the above points and start contributing because you gain most when you contribute.

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