Work with the Conscious and the Sub-Conscious to Improve your Life

The Conscious and the Sub-conscious

It is a known fact that the conscious and the sub-conscious work hand in hand. In order to improve the sub-conscious mind, it is necessary to first work on the conscious one. However, not a lot of people exploit this knowledge to the fullest. Some of them don’t even use it to their benefit. If you know that your sub-conscious works because of your conscious, why not channelize things effectively. There are many ways of doing this. A little time and effort will help you succeed in effectively co-ordinating your sub-conscious with your conscious. This co-ordinating will help you prosper and succeed immensely in life. Even though, the sub-conscious depends on the conscious, there are a large number of things going on in the sub-conscious that the conscious doesn’t realise. Hence, it is necessary to first target your sub-conscious before you get on to your conscious. Acquaint yourself with your sub-conscious mind. Recognise its patterns and its way of working. For in order to control your sub-conscious, you first need to know how it works. Only then can you control your sub-conscious properly. Also, being able to control your conscious and your sub-conscious, co-ordinating them and channelizing them in the right direction will take you a long way ahead. Hence, you should start this exercise without further ado.

Understand Mind and Brain



The brain is already a very complicated matter and to top it all, it carries the dilemma of the conscious and the sub-conscious. It is wrong to think of only 1 part of the brain or to think of the brain as a whole. You need to concentrate on both the things separately and go step by step as you move ahead. Also, you need to concentrate more on your mind and less on your brain. The brain is a composition of many different organs while the mind is what sends signals to different parts of your body. Hence, use your mind, improve your mind and the brain shall improve of its own accord. In fact, surprisingly enough, this brain is also a part of your mind. The mind not only sends a signal to other parts of your body but it also sends signals to your brain. Hence, before you begin working on your conscious and your sub-conscious, you need to be very clear about your mind and your brain. It would be ideal if you conducted a little research on the functioning of your brain and how the mind plays in instrumental part in it. It would help you improve your sub-conscious as well as your conscious if you understand the working of the brain.

More Power to the Sub-Conscious through Conscious



It is a well known fact that the conscious helps in sending signals throughout the body and this it does via the 5 human senses. These human senses helps the brain understand what the body is trying to do and the human mind i.e. the conscious one accordingly sends signals to the parts of the body that are responsible for the act. The human brain also works like a computer where input is coded and decoded and then, the action is carried out subsequently. All of this is done at a record speed. Hence, the entire body is in control of the human brain. What action a person takes, largely depends on his or her brain. Some people have intuitions, some people have gut feeling and some others have a 6th sense. All of this is only because of the way they use their brain. Their minds function differently in comparison to the average human mind. These things come from within the cub-conscious and the more in control of your life you are, the more your sub-conscious will be at the fore. Hence, let your sub-conscious arise to power. You will soon see a change in yourself. You will be able to judge better and decide better as time goes by.

Get the Better of your Sub-Conscious

It will help improve your concentration on things and sooner or later, it will turn you into a go-getter. Hence, start doing brain exercises that empower your conscious and sub-conscious and help them co-ordinate better. Also, control your thoughts because what you think in your conscious state is what travels to your sub-conscious. Hence, think of positive things, good things, and better things and this way, your sub-conscious will be full of good thoughts. In this manner, slowly work on your conscious to get the better out of your sub-conscious. You will not only be happier and more active but you will also spread energy all around you. The positive vibrations on the outside will reach your sub-conscious and you shall have better dreams and better random thoughts than usual. It will gradually shun away negativity entirely from your life.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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