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How to deal with a virus

viral infections are quiet common

Although viral infections are quiet common, their treatment depends essentially on the immune system of the individual. Additionally, other factors like age, health status and severity of the condition also come into play here. Keeping such considerations in mind, here is a list of potential remedies that will help you deal with viral infections.

Natural remedies for viral infections

Among other medicines for viral infections, those prepared using natural elements are known to be highly effective. However, the natural treatment processes referred to above are mainly applied in conjugation with a plethora of standard medicinal therapies. They help restore an individual’s physical and psychological health back to their original forms.

Homeopathic and herbal treatments are both safe to use and free from the regular side effects found in conventional medicines. Olea europea, agothosma betulina, hypoxis rooperi are some of the most common natural remedies, that not only make your immune system stronger but also support your body’s capacity to fight dangerous viruses. However, it would always be advisable to consult a homeopath or physician for the remedy that suits you best.

Different types of conventional medicine

There is a plethora of conventional medicine types such as anti inflammatory drugs and pain killers that can treat the symptoms triggered through viral infections quiet effectively. However, it should be remembered that such treatment processes are not devoid of side effects.

At times, doctors are found suggesting antiviral medicines like immunoglobulins and interferons to treat cases of acute infections. You can either choose to take them orally, or through muscles, veins and inhalation. Viruses generally thrive inside body cells, and in order to get them killed, the medicines end up damaging those cells. Therefore, be sure to get the physician’s advice before using antiviral remedies.

Essential oils

Essential oils are highly revered for their potential to treat disinfection of every variety. Research shows that lavender oils are two times more efficient than carbolic acid: a common antiseptic used during surgeries. And if that was not enough, oil of oregano is twenty times more efficient than carbolic acid, when used as antiviral. Doctors across the length and breadth of globe, nowadays, suggest oregano essential oils in treating infections.

Recent studies conducted by American laboratories also hinted at the capacity of different essential oils to fight viral infections. Oregano oil, in particular, has topped the list as an essential remedy for different viral diseases. So, how do essential oils help in treating viral infections? The oils work by damaging the membranes created through viral growth to keep the immune system protected.

Isopathic medicine

Non antibiotic and non toxic treatments are often used by physicians in treating serious or life threatening viral diseases. Isopathic medicine is one of the most commonly used immune modulator medicines around. They are made from near vestigial viral bodies. However, more recent varieties of the isopathic medicine are created from stem cells within the umbilical chord. They are found to be highly effective in improving immunity and fighting a plethora of pathogenic microbes. These medicines are also great when it comes to treating pneumonia, tonsillitis etc. They may either be taken orally or through the veins. Once the procedure gets complete, it enhances immune resistance and impairs intestinal health.

There are several varieties of isopathic medicines available. While some serve to improve the immune system, others simply help in restoring the membrane systems of the body. In order to keep infections from spreading and affecting the organs, it is essential to protect the membranes. Physicians will generally offer nutritional advice so as to keep your diet from interfering with the treatment process.



Colloidal mineral varieties

Copper and silver are two of the most widely used minerals for treating viral infections. They mainly serve as catalysts for a variety of biochemical and enzymatic reactions. However, it would be wrong to presume that they necessarily compensate for metal deficiencies. Rather, they work by acting as co enzymes to stimulate dormant metabolic activities. Colloidal silver is known as having a vast spectrum of anti viral activities, especially when exposed to artificial environment. It is also quiet effective in damaging viruses of all shapes and sizes. In recent times, colloidal silver has featured in a number of studies conducted by American Scientists.

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