Try these tips to deal with annoying people

Some people know how to press the wrong nerve exactly. They pass insensitive comments, don’t care about the challenges you are facing and seem to spend their time looking for ways to trouble you. Yes, annoying people are difficult to deal with! But you can’t shut them out of your life, especially when they surround you at workplaces or at colleges, at home or in social, personal and occupational circles.


It is true that sometimes their annoyance and irritating behavior may agitate you, forcing you to rebuke them. However, the truth is that you can deal with their annoyance without ruining your peace of mind, especially because most of the times severely annoying people are the ones who need help or deal with an unknown pain.


So, here are some tips you can use to deal with annoying people.


  • Analyze the situation. Try to understand the state of mind of this person, like ‘Is he facing a challenge in life or going through some personal difficulties?’ It is quite possible that this annoying person is actually channelizing his anger to you. If this is the case, you can either avoid his annoyance or confront him.
  • Sometimes an annoying person may need professional help, especially if the annoyance borders to harassment.  If you think that the annoyance is a threat to you, then walk away a safe distance, tell someone senior or trustworthy that the annoying person needs help. If you feel that the annoying individual constantly berates himself or has suicidal tendencies then you must seek professional counselor’s advice and don’t let the person stay alone. If you are friendly with the person then you must prompt her/him to seek help on a larger level.


  • Help the annoying person if you think that he needs help. Otherwise, it is best to avoid annoying behavior. Confiding in someone trustworthy can be of help, especially if the person’s annoyance seems to drive you crazy.


  • Confronting is also a great option because most of the annoying people don’t even know that their behavior is annoying. Therefore, try telling them how you feel and maybe you will find a completely new side of their personality.


If it is your spouse who seems to be annoying, then the best option is to talk to him or her. Don’t use words like ‘You are annoying.’ Rather than doing it, you should focus on a particular aspect, using words like, ‘Sometimes your behavior annoys me.’ This way you would not be blaming the person, but blaming his behavior. Also, mention a few occasions. If it is your children who annoy you, the better option is to give them love and care, because most children are annoying when they seek attention.

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