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How to deal with the fear of isolation.

How to deal with the fear of isolation.

The fear of isolation is a deep seated psychological problem, that even though is not so frequent, exists in more people than we can think of. The fear of isolation termed monophobia affects humans so much so that their entire mental stricture could be changed. Many, especially introverts are prone to liking this feeling of isolation. However, there is a significant mass of people who are very much afraid to be left on their own. What may seem to be a person excessively extrovert may actually be a severe fear of isolation.

Imagine the scenario, you lying down on an empty field, with no one to interrupt your peace, you open your eyes to the blue sky all above you, you take it all in, imbibe it in your memory and that’s that. Your senses are affected, your thoughts are affected, all being touched by a strong feeling, an intense emotion of loneliness of isolation, of being aloof from the world. It is this intense emotion that people suffering from monophobia detest and are terrorized by. The disorder may be present in more people than you can imagine. In certain people, the disorder occurring in a mild degree, the disorder isn’t so much noted. Ever felt a sensation of your stomach cramping up and your throat going dry, when the lights are switched off?? Or maybe walked fast when you came onto a dark, secluded corner on the street?? If you have done this, you are most probably affected by monophobia. The human grey cells associate with darkness the feeling of isolation, since darkness is state when you are blind o the activities all around you, when you are completely unaware of what may come or what is coming in front of you. Thus, people who suffer from monophobia, most of the times exhibit this symptom.

However, to every illness lies a cure. As in the case of most mental disorders, a few simple activities so that the mind is engrossed within some other activity help to reduce this. Take up an activity, a hobby perhaps, something new, so that your mind is completely devoted to that activity and thus, gives up the habit of feeling lonely. This also helps to grow a healthy inquisitive nature.  You may also take up travelling to different places once in a while, to overcome the feeling of being alone. New people, new surroundings suggest to the human brain that there is much to live for and that you are not alone. Above all, always keep smiling.

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