The mental states or complexes that play a vital role in your life

A complex is a set of distorted thoughts and sensory patterns that influence your behavior, thought process, decision making and the way you approach a particular situation. Those who suffer from one or more complexes may or may not be aware of it since your complexes guide your behavior patterns subconsciously. Your family, friends, partner, society and your personal experiences are usually the source of your complex. Here is a list of a few of these complexes that may influence your sense of self and each aspect of your life.

Oedipus and Electra complex

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Sigmund Freud is called the father of psychology. The credit to introduce Oedipus and Electra complex goes to Freudian school of Thought itself. Freud says that a son unconsciously gets attracted towards his mother and it goes to the extent of developing extreme dislike for his father. Similar is the case in Electra complex where the girl child start liking the father and it mostly happens during early childhood.

Superiority and inferiority complex

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Those people who suffer from superiority complex consider themselves best among all. They find it difficult to make true friends as everything has to be about them. They consider every other person worthless and believe that they have to be with others to use them for their selfish means. They fail to empathize with others. Inferiority complex on the other hand makes you feel vice-versa. It is often accompanied by lack of self-confidence; self-belief and fear of failure as you believe you are not worthy of achievement.

Napoleonic Complex

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Individuals of short stature are often the victims of Napoleonic complex. The complex is named after Emperor Napoleon of France who was short at height and wanted to rule over the whole world. Psychologically speaking, this was his way to compensate for lack of height. People who suffer from Napoleonic complex possess an authoritative attitude and may lose their temper over trivial issues.

Madonna complex

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This complex is strictly found in men who fail to get indulge in sexual acts with their partners. Freud says that they either look at women as sacred Madonnas or violated prostitutes. They can successfully get involve in sexual pleasure with women who fall into the second category but fail to do so with their real life partners. This complex is often one of the primary reasons why these people fail to commit to their life partners let alone having a successful married life.

Cinderella and Peter Pan complex

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Both these complexes are together called Dependency complex. The Peter Pan complex is used to describe the behavior of young men who always run away from responsibilities. They live in their own world where they get success easily without putting in any efforts. Such men always put things off for another day and live an easygoing life.

The Cinderella complex gives birth to an intense feeling of dependency on men. Women who suffer from this complex often are exploited by their male counterparts and hardly resist back as they cannot imagine themselves as independent human beings.

Griselda Complex

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Fathers love their daughters but what if it takes the form of a complex. Griselda Complex compels dads to keep their daughters with them all their lives. They may even prohibit them from getting married as it involves a fear that their daughter would not pay attention towards them.

Theses psychological complex may prove to be harmful as they influence your behavior patterns in everyday life. Your negative thoughts, faulty self-beliefs and assumptions may actually keep you from living a living a healthy and sane life.

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