The destiny of man is in his own soul.

People often try to find fortune in the outer material world. Why does this happen? Is it because the material world looks beautiful and gives you momentary pleasures? It is probably because you know very little about the inner world. The inner world is the real world that is present within you. Your inner world is your inner self, your greatest strength. When there is peace and harmony in your inner self, you can feel it around you. If you fill your heart with evil thoughts and deeds you are sure to see and experience the same. Your inner self is your soul; it is your inner conscience. It can lead you to the right direction, if you pay heed to it. If you are unaware of your inner self you can easily get carried away by the fancies of the outer world. You may not know where they take you and ultimately land you in a situation that needs help. Many evil ideas and deeds occur on account of not being ground to your inner self. And all these ultimately give you nothing but misery and solitude. Living a happy and contended life is completely in your hands and you can choose the brighter side of life. Your sanity is in your own soul. It is your inner self; your real character that will decide what you deserve. If you are good and simple at heart your life will also be simple and bright and others can hardly be able affect you for long. So the next time you feel things have not turned the way you wanted, do not curse your destiny. Your destiny is in within you, so go deeper and get to know your real self.

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