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Most people think that life actually ends when they enter in their thirties and there is nothing to look forward to, when they are forty. They try to live their lives to the fullest when they are young but have no dreams for later life, which makes their life boring and hopeless. It may be true that life really seems a party when you are young but it does not mean that all your dreams must fade away or disappear as you age. One must develop a positive attitude towards life and everything it offers.

Pursue your long lost passions

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There are many hobbies and passions that you actually do not get time to pursue. Make a list of each little thing that you had on your mind at different stages of life but did not have time to devote. Make sure you include only those things that make your heartbeat go fast. Make time to pursue each item on your list, give at least two hours to every little thing on your list. No matter, if you wanted to be rock star in your college days or you had to sacrifice your dream to travel the entire world. Keep the passion alive in your heart and give it a shot. Do not think what people think or say about you, it is your life and you are responsible for your own happiness.

Delineate your legacy

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What do you want your upcoming generation to remember you for? Have you done something that can make everyone proud of you? You really do not have to be a famous artist to give beautiful memories to your loved ones. Find your hidden talent that actually brings out the best in you and show that world that you are around. Do not concoct excuses that you have so much going on in your life that you can hardly make time for such things. Even if it is so, you can never be happy until you live life your way.

Choose where you want to live

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You may be having a job you love but the world is so full of opportunities that you can get many more options in life. Take a risk and move to a place where you always wanted to live. If you love to spend time in the lap of nature, you must move to a calm and quite place. For those who get a kick in fast life of city, there are many options. Do not wait for retirement. Time is never perfect you make it so. Do not slay your dreams by living a life that does not excite you anymore.

Travel to gain an insight into yourself

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Most of the people wish they had travelled more when they were young. When you travel to new places, you get close to people who belong to different cultures and have different values in life. You get wiser with new experiences and develop a broader outlook towards life. You do not pay attention to those things that are no important in your life and live life as it comes. Quite surprisingly, you get to know yourself better when you travel to different places.

Learn to shift your viewpoint

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You may have developed a negative attitude towards the phenomena of aging but ask yourself what is actually true. What would you suggest to your kids if they wanted your opinion about living a happy life? You surely cannot argue the fact that you would have been happier if you could live life in the moment. Worrying about future only took away your happiness; it never solved your problems, did it?

Each phase of your life throws new challenges at you but it is also true that it completes you. It is not the fear of old age but for most people it is the regret of not living a life that they always wanted to live that trouble them.

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