How to deal with suffering(Version-2)

Life doesn’t move in circles; so if you are facing something really bad now, it won’t remain as it is always. Sufferings are an integral part of life, that are not there to make you depressed and lose control over your life, but to provide more strength so that you achieve a better stability in life. Here we have given some ways to deal with suffering.

Change your outlook towards life

You cannot sit through the sufferings, complaining about what has happened to you and how you never deserved it. It is not going to help anyone. Rather, stand upright and start enjoying even your pains. Remember, everyone rejoices happy moments but there are a few who can stay lively and happy in sufferings too. Try to be one of them. It is always good to be hopeful about your future and hope comes only if you are really accepting the situations you are in. Feel privileged that you have been provided with a tough fight and that’s what we are here for. How can a human being stay happy without being aware of unhappiness and sufferings? Try to answer this and you will end up answering all your dilemmas.

Do not live in denial

Humans have this basic tendency to camouflage themselves during the hard times. We are never ready to accept that all of a sudden our happy and peaceful life has taken such a u-turn. When sufferings knock your door, do not try to defend yourself as it won’t be of any help. Something are bound to happen and you cannot change their course but of course; you can equip yourself with better weapons to deal with them. Never say that you do not deserve it as it will never allow you to cope up with the pains but probably elongate its span and intensity.

Sit back and relax

I do not want to say that you should quit living your life and start avoiding your pains, rather, take it as an opportunity which has given you ample time to think about various things that might have gone wrong. Rarely do anyone get such an opportunity which helps them to evaluate the past experiences and learn from them. You are special and you have been blessed with this. Do not panic, just sit back comfortably and think about what you had done and how you could have avoided the present agonizing moments in your life. Sufferings are teachers in strict attire but they are the best and most knowledgeable ones.

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