How to deal with a snob

Funny as it may sound, snobs vary widely in nature. From money to wines, their arrogance pertains to a variety of things. However, irrespective of where and how they choose to behave arrogantly, there is a little doubt that such people are detested in all situations. Keeping such considerations in mind, let us now find ways of dealing with snobs. Speak to them Though ego is an essential constituent of human behavior, some like to keep it under the wraps while others go overboard with their egoism. Hence, individuals can get egoistic or high-handed about numerous things ranging from money to movies or music. When it comes to handling snobs, your first strategy lies in talking to them about their behavior. It is important to make the person realize just how intolerable they have become for others. However, it should be remembered that not every person dubbed snob takes on the behavior deliberately. An explanation of their behavior will help them understand and re-think. If the person in question is found behaving intentionally like a snob, be sure to interact with them about the atrocious remarks. This will give you an insight into the snob’s point of view. If possible, contradict their opinions and viewpoints and have a prolific conversation.

Appear unconcerned One of the biggest problems with snobbish people is their constant effort to hurt others with viscous words. Hence, in dealing with a snob, you should learn not to pay any heed to their approaches. However, your attitude might prompt a snob to throw ridiculous or cruel comments on you. At times, it can even get unbearable. If the lashings are occasional, you can afford to ignore them. So how do you exactly ignore a foul mouthed person trying to hurt you at every step? If you take word for it, then just meet the snooty remarks with a deadly silence. Additionally, you can even consider showing your dislike or disapproval through gestures like rolling your eyes or groaning. By doing so repetitively, you can actually get the person to believe that their remarks are not affecting you in any manner whatsoever.

Avoid the snobs If the snob appears ruthless in their actions towards you, evade them straight away. In doing so, you must make it apparent that you don’t wish to have any connection whatsoever with them. If the snob and you happen to be a part of the same circle, then maintain a safe distance from the person in question. Try to skip events that the snob is likely to attend. In case the social event is one that you just cannot afford to miss and you find the snobbish person present as well, then make sure that you avoid at every cost. If the person tries offending you, go ahead and announce your disapproval of the snob publicly.

Respond back One should never remain silent against the constant lashings of a snob. Their words deserve to be replied. It would be wrong to let the snob have his or her way with you. You can use their own thought processes as a weapon against them. Do not think twice before exposing their arrogance to make them feel repentant. Alternatively, you can also consider facing it headfirst and express your grievances in a loud voice. The snob should understand that you are not going to sit back and take it all. In fact, if the snob is found tormenting others, you should stand up for the latter. Give the snob a piece of your mind even when the victim is around. They must be compelled to apologize for their irrational and hurtful ways. Make the snob understand the impracticality of their behavior and how it hurts others badly. In doing so, you can follow a strategy of mockery. This is sure to make them realize the mistakes. If the strategy triggers positive changes in a person, then it is a sure sign of success. However, if the person still continues unbashed, then it’s better to stop trying.

Understand the causes The snobby conduct may spring from a variety of factors. The reasons vary from one person to another depending on his or her personal feelings. More often than not, snobbism is viewed as a defensive instrument that helps pull a person through insecurities around. Hence, arrogance might be a strategy to conceal the person’s insecurity by acting superior or snobbish in front of others. In a majority of the cases, people turn snobs in an effort to draw appreciation, attention, status or authority. Such people are hyper-sensitive to rejections and condemnations. Snobbism is often used by people as a veil to keep their weaknesses under the wraps. At times, you may find people turning snobbish because it helps them run away from the hurt and pain faced previously. Hence, it is absolutely important that you try to analyze the real reasons behind a person’s snobbish behavior. This will not only help you deal with the problem better but also encourage the person to undergo a change in thoughts.

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