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Red flags that show that your partner may no longer be emotionally attached to you

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One thing other than love that is required to keep a relationship alive is the emotional dependence of partners on one another. There is no denial that love is what keeps two partners together in a relationship but there are some other factors also that are equally important to keep both the partners happy and in unison with each other, and emotional attachment is one of those factors.

Only those relationships turn into long-term ones wherein the partners have a strong emotional attachment with each other. Any relationship that has a fair share of emotional attachment between partners goes on for a long period and the partners experience extreme happiness. As long as both the partners are on the same page regarding the emotional level, come what may they will continue loving each other enormously.

On the other hand, the troubles and the conflicts start emerging in relationships, or the partners start to experience a painful void in a relationship wherein they stop experiencing the much required emotional attachment. The love relationship tends to take a wrong turn even if one of the partners stop being emotionally available for the other.

The absence of emotional attachment in a relationship is sometimes hard to figure out by either of the partners but there are some signs that can give a sure shot idea. Therefore, if you think or even if you have started to doubt your partner’s emotional attachment and availability for you, read through and find out what are the signs that reveal your partner is no more emotionally attached to you:

They have nothing to share

This one is quite a prominent sign in the partners who stop being emotionally attached. It is like you can make out that there is something going on in your partner’s mind and life, and when you ask them about the matter they just ignore you and find it better to keep everything to them only. Although there can be many reasons behind this behavior of your partner like they find it hard to trust you, but major reason behind such behavior in majority of cases is emotional detachment.

They aren’t there when you need them

Sometimes one of the partners gives bevy of excuses instead of catching up and being there whenever you need them. There is nothing wrong with this though if your partner does so like rarely, but yes you should be worried if your partner does this pretty often. If he does this to you often then make him sit and talk in order to clear all your apprehensions.

They are self-centered

Is it like you keep waiting for a day when your partner is free to spend quality time with him, but when he is free he disappoints you to the core, as he leaves you alone and makes plans with his friends. Well, if your answer is yes and your partner does this to you not once in a blue moon but quite a many times, then beware because such regular behavior outwardly speaks of the emotional detachment in your partner.

They do not find it important to call you back

Everybody in a relationship should understand that there are times when their partner is busy doing work and cannot attend their calls. However, if the busy partner is courteous enough then he would surely call back whenever he finds suitable time. On the other hand, there are those who do not find it important to call back their partners. If you have such a partner, then you need to resolve this issue with them at the earliest.


Emotional attachment between partners in a love relationship is of paramount importance, as it keeps the couple happy and in love with each other for almost always.

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