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How to deal with a real estate agent

deal with a real estate agent

Buying a good property entails generous research work and sufficient time. A real-estate agent may reduce your efforts in finding a good property, in exchange for a commission. However, you must be very careful in dealing with these agents because, most of their focus will be on commissions only, rather than customer’s needs. Deal them rightly with the techniques mentioned below.

Choose your agent rightly

A successful deal begins during the initial stage itself. You must be very cautious while choosing real-estate agents for your assistance. Try to get in touch with an agent whom you may know personally. If you don’t know one, inquire your friends and relatives for the same. It’s always good to move with someone who has sufficient experience in the respective field. If your friend or relative knows a good agent, ask him/her to give his/her opinion on the agent’s performance, charges and other details. If you find it comfortable for your needs, get the agent’s contact details and approach him/her directly. If you are not satisfied with the agent’s work from your friend’s opinion, don’t hesitate to drop him/her.


Never hurry

Buying or selling properties is definitely a time consuming process. When you are dealing it through an agent, you must be very careful in every step you move. Never hurry up in making a deal. Progress steadily as you go through the major and minor details of the property. Even if you desperately wanted to sell/buy your property in a short time, don’t let your agents know about it. Because, if they come to know about your urgency, they might take advantage of it. They might demand more money for the deal, misrepresent a property, convince you to buy/sell at unworthy rates, etc. For an efficacious and urgent deal, you may approach a number of agents; indubitably, one of them will bring a good deal for you. As you would be paying your agents only when you agree a deal, literally, you will be benefited in hiring many agents.

Utilize them rightly

Once you have chosen your agents, you must use them rightly to make a gratifying deal. Of course, your agent will know about properties and deals better than you. That’s why you must use them rightly to get a satisfactory deal. List your requirements first and prioritize them. Make your agent understand your requirements. Assure him/her that you will be interested in buying/selling properties which only agree your necessities and conditions. Don’t encourage your agents if they bring a deal with their own values and benefits. Strictly ensure them that you will not be interested in any other deals and let them know that you want only genuine and verified information. Research about the list of documents required for buying/selling a property. Make sure that your agent has every information as required in those documents. Make them work for your satisfaction more than their commission.

Make a personal research

When your agents bring you information about a good property or a good buyer, don’t believe them immediately. They may be right or wrong. Do a research about the agent’s information on your own. Don’t risk yourselves by blindly believing your agents. If they inform you about a good property, make a direct visit to the place and inquire about it from the people residing nearby. Don’t ask your doubts to your agents; especially information about previous owners, problems of the property, facilities available, etc. Your agents might give flattering answers to make you buy/sell those properties. If you don’t wish to regret your deal in the future, you must spend time to make your personal research about the property. Else, you may end up in trouble.

Don’t make agreements

Literally, you don’t have to sign any agreement with agents. They are the intermediate people who links you to the right buyer/seller for a commission. You would pay them only if you make a deal with their customers. That’s the advantage in hiring a number of agents to make a successful deal. However, you may end up in confusion if you hire too many agents. They may ask you for an upfront or an advance in commission initially. Don’t hesitate to disagree with them to pay advances. Make a friendly as well as a professional approach with your agents. If they bring you good deals as you wish, you may pay them generously. That makes your agents and yourselves happy.

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