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The problems that trouble extroverts, and those they deal with in secret

The problems that trouble extroverts, and those they deal with in secret

There are two types of people in this world, in fact three – the introverts, the extroverts, and the ambiverts. The introverts are the ones who manage to derive other’s sympathy and concern owing to their shy and timid nature. Such people talk less; do not mix up with people and like living in an enclosed environment. On the other hand are the extroverts who are outspoken, are chilled out and do not hesitate mixing up with the ones with whom they are not acquainted.

Coming down to the ambiverts, well they are people who are an ideal mix of both the introverts and the extroverts. It is normally thought that introverts are the ones whose life is difficult but hardly anybody is seen talking about the hardships of extroverts because people’s perception is like this. Extroverts are thought of as someone whose life is easy and free from hardships just because of his outspoken and outgoing nature. However, this perception is untrue because extroverts also have hardships but the only difference is that their outgoing nature covers up their lament. They are not as delicate and complex like the introverts but they also face troubles and deal with them secretly. Click through to find out troubles that poor extroverts have to deal with secretly:

People assume that extroverts are always confident

Being an extrovert has a fair share of troubles that rise because of misconceptions people have. People think no matter what situation an extrovert is in, they have to be confident, which is not true. There is no denying the fact that extroverts are more confident than introverts are but the assumption that extroverts are confident in every situation holds no true. Many extroverts feel uncomfortable and challenged under some circumstances and they do not feel confident all the time.

Extroverts cannot be sad

There is no doubt that extrovert people are happy-go-lucky and outgoing, which is in contrast to many introverts who like staying quiet in their shell. The problem here is that when a person does something daily and suddenly stops doing that, other people find it hard to understand the reason behind such weird behavior. An extrovert laughs and makes other people laugh and talks a lot, but when an extrovert is sad people start questioning, which is embarrassing for an extrovert to answer. It feels like as if extroverts can only be happy and they have no right to feel sad.

People misinterpret their friendly nature with flirtation

Extroverts are confident, they like company of others, and to strike a conversation with any new person is not a problem for them. However, people sometimes misinterpret their outspoken nature for flirtation, which is too disheartening and saddening for an extrovert. An extrovert tries to be friendly with everybody but other people find an extrovert to be hitting upon someone.

People expect extroverts to talk in meetings but later on criticize

Shy and timid people try to escape situations wherein they fear that they will have to start a conversation, or places like meetings where they feel embarrassed to talk, so it is always an extrovert whom people expect to break the ice in such situations. Everybody knows that extroverts have the guts to do public speaking proficiently. However, some introvert people who themselves lack the art of public speaking criticize an extrovert who talks a lot at meetings or get together. Introverts use criticism to backlash extroverts in order to give a vent to their frustration that rises because of their own incapability. This reaction is heartbreaking for some extroverts but they do not have any other option than to deal with it secretly and patiently.


Like introverts, the life of extroverts has also a fair share of troubles but the difference lies in their reaction, as extroverts deal with all pains patiently and secretively.

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