How to deal with crippling phobias and live a great life

Phobia is a crippling fear about something which can tamper with your normal life. Many people suffer from phobias. Here are some ways to deal with phobias.

Assess the situations that cause phobia

The first thing to do when you have a phobia is to assess what kind of phobia you have. Try to find out the root cause of this phobia. It could be a childhood incident, an accident or an event that has been traumatic and has left a deep scar in your mind. Sometimes, the anxiety might be due to a physical cause like menopause, thyroid disorders etc., which can aggravate and lead to situations like phobias. Physical conditions require medical intervention, and once these problems are set right, your phobia too will die a natural death. Understanding the situation that causes phobia will help you in dealing with it.

Try to work against your phobia

This is something that works wonders if you have the will power and strength to attain it. Most people with phobias cannot attain it as they are in mortal fear of situations that cause the phobia in the first place. They need help from others to force themselves to face the situation that causes the phobia. Initially, you may not reach anywhere. But, be patient and take it slow. You might be advancing inch by inch. Watch others who are in the situation that you fear. When you come to know that they are okay and do not seem to be scared of the situation, you will slowly start feeling comfortable. Patience, abundant support and encouragement are what you need here and when you have friends and family who are willing to support you and help you through this phase you will definitely succeed.

Relaxation exercises

When you face the situation that causes phobia, you will most probably show symptoms of extreme fear, anxiety and increased heart rate. These symptoms are caused as a result of the over stimulation of adrenal glands. Try meditation and deep breathing exercises during this time to calm your mind and body. Enrolling yourself for yoga and meditation will help you remain calm and gain confidence to face the situation that you fear. When you show symptoms of phobia, immediately start inhaling and exhaling till a count of ten. This will relax you immediately and help you remain calm during the time. It is not necessary that you have to face the situation at this time. Remaining calm itself is a great achievement. Once you learn to control your fear through relaxation exercises, coping with phobia becomes easy.


Sometimes, phobias can be very distressing and can tamper with your daily life. In such cases, you can take the help of medications to keep you calm. However, it is of utmost importance to check with a doctor before taking medications as these can be dangerous for people with certain other medical conditions. Only a doctor can help you choose the right medication and dosage safe for you. Sedatives, anti anxiety pills and anti depressants help you relax and calm down, and keep you free from panic attacks and phobia. While sedatives cannot be used on a frequent basis, anti depressants can be taken for long term with the supervision of a doctor. It is important to limit the use of these medications as many of them can be addictive and can cause withdrawal symptoms when stopped as well.


Counseling is another way of dealing with phobias. A counselor will be able to assess the situation and offer therapy sessions which are adequate for your condition. Therapies like behavior therapy, desensitization, cognitive therapy and exposure therapy are good for treating phobias in general. Frequent therapy sessions will slowly reduce the severity of the phobia and with the help of friends and family members, you will soon be able to face the situation that has caused the phobia in you.

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