Love And Attachment Aren’t Same

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The conflict of acclimatizing difference between love and attachments is constantly running in the minds of people from several years. Various theories came up with their own views on complicated interpersonal relationship of mammals and most probably the human beings. Some of these theories satisfied one group but failed to convince others.

Love and attachment has been the topic of discussion and debates at different venues, may be at public places or may be at your own home. The scientific field with its psychological experts did not left this topic untouched. All in one, a single conclusion came that ‘love and attachments are’t same, cannot please everyone and receive the consent of all the contradictors. Do not take attachment as love. Inclusive of love and non-exclusive of attachment will make relationship Devine.

Love And Attachment


Love has its own definition according to everyone. I feel that love is a pure feeling of emotional that comes deep from human heart that is devoid of any worldliness or selfish motives. The word ‘love’ itself fills you with the thrill and exhilaration. It feels that it is in the air and you can feel it in your breathe. The air around is wrapped in love once you fall in love.


Attachment can be defined as an emotion of mammals that brings two people close to each and form a type of link that keeps you acquainted with that person. This bonding can be easily experienced between any two people who are dependent on each other and feel secure near each other. Attachment can also be the result of attraction that you may have for the other person

Attachment and childhood

Children are easily attached to the caretakers. Sometimes they are found closer to their maidens than their mothers who gave them birth. This occurs because of the maximum duration of time spend in the care and love of the caretaker. The child starts feeling secure and safe with her. The child knows that the caretaker is going to fulfill all the demands and the needs. She will protect him/her from all dangers. This trust and dependability makes the relationship stronger.

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Attachment and adolescence

Attachment is often seen in adolescence period. At this time, the hormones in your body are at surge and your mind is very active. Therefore, new and beautiful things lure you towards themselves. You can be attached to person of opposite gender just because of looks, face and sometimes stunning possessions. Alternatively, boy can fall in attachment to a girl being flat on her appealing figure and charming beauty.

Attachment and love are not bound to any age. A middle-aged man working far from his home and away from his wife can feel attached to her colleague because of her caring and loving nature that he was deprived of even after staying his family. However, this cannot be sated as love. This attachment is seen with your colleagues at your office whom you are working with many years and it often becomes a habit. We all know that habits cannot be concluded to the definition of love.   

Difference between love and attachment

Love can exist between two compatible or non-compatible partners, as it has no demands. There are no selfish motives in bonding of love. Attachment is just an ingredient of royal dish of love. The difference in thoughts, status and languages can never be limitation of love. Love cannot be bound with distance in miles. Love is for someone who touches our heart and wins it forever.

Attachment is forgotten with passage of time or increase in distance. Once you part with your attachment, you may miss her/him for sometime but gradually the person starts diminishing from your thoughts. As compared to this love, is persistence forever with same lively feeling energizing you beyond the limitations of time and remoteness? You will feel the same warmth for your partner until your last breathe.

Alternatively, when you part with your love partner you feel like your soul has gone out of your body. Every time their memories swarm up in your minds and never let you forget them. Those good and bad times constantly remind you and reinforce the bond between the two.

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Perfect relationship

Attachment and love are the two sides of the same coin. Any relation is not complete in absence either of the two. The Devine relationship constitutes both the love and attachment in required proportion. Both of these are necessary to provide support and strength so that you feel like heaven with your partner. When you will be in love, you will trust someone more than yourself but in attachment your trust is in superlative degree to yourself. You cannot rely on anyone else more than you do rely on yourself.

True love is built on the foundation of immeasurable trust devoid of any terms and conditions. We live for the happiness of others ignoring our priorities. Complete trust, respect and support are forever in good and bad time’s forms the basis of any ideal relationship. The mirth and royalty of love lays above all the fake intimacies and we are ready to die for the loved one.

Do not get confused

Confusion between love and attachment has destroyed the lives of many individuals. The breaking of love breaks someone’s heart so be aware of what you are portraying in relationship and make it clear to the person also the depth of your feelings so that the feelings are not hurt and the other person can recover from shattering.

Many teenagers and adults do not realize whether they are in love or it is simply attachment and take wrong steps. So before promising someone of love asks yourself that are you seriously committed? Is this the person for whom you can leave your life?

You will surely get an answer and then you will come to recognize the zeal and spirit of love without which life is incomplete. Let your heart unravel the mysterious fact of love.

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