Learn to handle Psychic Vampires and stop being their helpless victim

Many of us have to deal with the psychic vampires on a daily basis. They are not supernatural creatures but our contemporaries, friends and relatives who are always trying to feed on our energy. They use different ploys to use our brains, humanity and energy. If you have someone in your life who demands your time, intelligence and energy without ever giving you back the same things then consider him or her your personal psychic vampire. Often we cannot resist their plea for help and become the victim of their cunning manipulation. Instead of being the victim, you should reclaim your life from the clutches of the psychic vampires.

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Some psychic vampires manipulate knowingly to get what they want and some others suck your energy unwittingly. The psychic vampires who love to manipulate are very intelligent and they find out your weaknesses in a short span of time. They know how to make you agree with them and always force their opinions on you. They will ask you about yourself but never tell anything important or personal about their own life. You will always feel that they have lots of secrets and get more drawn to them. They love boasting about their special capabilities but you do not get to witness it. The simplest method of identifying psychic vampires is to find out people who take a lot from you but give nothing in return.

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The first thing you should do is to make yourself fit and strong. Visit your general physician and get yourself checked. If you have no physical problems then follow an exercise regime every day. This way your fitness level will be enhanced and you will feel more confident. A confident person is capable of evading the selfish ploys of the psychic vampires. Start saying ‘no’ to them and resist temptation of mingling with them.

Make yourself more involved and busy with your own work and hobbies. If you think that your boss or a powerful person you know is a psychic vampire then deal with them politely but be firm and assertive at the same time. The psychic vampires can be very cunning, resourceful and power crazy. They like to make people do exactly as they want. If you find such people, around you be weary of their charming personality and avoid them as much as you can.

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