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Books can help make your own journey of life more meaningful. Reading always makes you classy and gives you an extra edge over others and if these books come with a message, life could change. Here are a few books that would reform the way you look at your own life.

The power of now

The power of now by Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle tries to explain the magic of living in now. If somehow you can get rid of all your regrets of yesterday and get free from the worries of tomorrow, your life would be divine. The book tries to explain how the thoughts and emotions keep interfering with our lives but could be beneficial if dealt in a different way. Message is simple and short but the book offers a straightway to follow the rule.

The prophet

The prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Translates in almost forty different languages the book is a beautiful collection of poetic essays. Kahlil Gibran has touched almost each aspect of human life, be it love, marriage, children, family, life or even religion. The book is inspirational and lives up to the expectations of readers who look for spiritual learning in books they read.

The Untethered soul

The Untethered soul by Michael A. Singer

To get inner peace you have to get free from all the worldly worries, which in itself seems the toughest task. Michael A. Singer wants the readers to move away from the thoughts that ties that limit them. All the painful thoughts and sufferings that stop your way to happiness can fade away if you know what you want from yourself and life. The book makes you get into your inner self to realize the eternal happiness.

The seven Spiritual laws of success

The seven Spiritual laws of success

Deepak chopra tells that success does not depend solely on hard work but can be the outcome of our understanding of our basic nature. The book reveals seven secrets that you can use to fulfill all your dreams in life.

The book of secrets

The book of secrets by Deepak Chopra

Another famous book by Deepak Chopra gives you a peep into your own soul. The book offers you an insightful journey to the world of spiritual happiness. All that you ever desire is within you. You just need to know that you are born as a winner and you can easily transform your life. The book acts a revelation to those who keep looking for happiness outside them where it rarely exists.

A path with heart

a path with heart by jack kornfield

Coming from the bestselling author the book is full of Buddhist offering to transform your life. The power of within could change the world outside you. Author Jack Kornfield shares his long practiced secrets of living a productive life full of wisdom. Your sear for happiness could be never-ending unless you know yourself.

The art of happiness

The art of happiness by Dalai Lama

Life moves around this simple but meaningful question. Dali Lama the veteran himself has explained the secret of happiness through his book. This will guide you through the complex journey called life. Anxiety, depression, stress or just another day, the book comes with the tips to handle all with equal poise. The reason that Dalia Lama has given the form to his thoughts makes it a classic. It gives you the crux of almost 25,000 years of Buddhist meditation yet formed in simple ways of changing your outlook towards life.

One can make a difference

One can make a difference by Ingrid Newkirk

A collection of real life experiences of those who have set examples for millions. Ingrid Newkirk has made an awesome collection of the inner strengths and strong beliefs of some of the great personalities of world who changed the definition of success.

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