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How to tone your body to look like a gymnast

How to tone your body to look like a gymnast

Everyone would love to have a gymnast’s body owing to the highly defined muscles and very low fat levels their bodies sport. However, getting a gymnast’s body is no easy task. You would need to more or less replicate their training methods in order to reach your goal of getting a body similar to theirs. Gymnasts incorporate exercises related to strength, resistance, balance, power, coordination, conditioning and agility in their fitness plan. And if you intend to achieve a body similar to theirs, you need to include these exercises into your daily workout routine as well. Here are some steps aimed at helping you out with the same.

Stamina Building Exercises

Gymnasts would need to have high levels of stamina in order to perform hard routines in sports meets, in addition to enduring long hours of practice sessions each day. They should also make sure that their body fat levels remain low so as to not weigh much, a factor that would affect their performance greatly. Therefore, these gymnasts usually opt for cardiovascular exercises to build up their stamina and keep their body fat levels in check. Routines like springing, jogging or interval training would help you achieve that.

Strength Building Exercises

Gymnasts need additional strength to perform difficult routines. Exercises like the front lever and the planche would help your core and upper body gain that strength and size. It is recommended that beginners hold their body in a static position at first before progressing to other positions later on. Incorporating these exercises in the daily workout routine would help promote stability and strength in the shoulder girdle as well as the lower hips.

Conditioning Exercises

Core conditioning exercises like crunches, leg lifts, handstands and planches would help strengthen the core, abdominal and back muscles. Core strength is essential for gymnasts to push their bodies to the hilt while performing. As such, incorporating these exercises in your workout plan would give you that extra core strength you need to build up your strength and stamina.

Weight Training Exercises

Gymnasts would require very strong body muscles to support their extreme moves and routines. Weight training exercises like pull-ups, pushups, handstands, planches and body weight squats would help them gain extra muscle mass. Therefore, including these exercises along with other weight training exercises in your fitness plan would help your body gain muscle mass and strength, similar to that of a gymnast’s body.

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