How to tackle losing your cash and cards in a foreign land?

How to tackle losing your cash and cards in a foreign land

Losing something, except perhaps some people who are pain in the neck, is not exactly a pleasant experience. Losing something important in your own place is bad enough. After all, whatever important things you have lost will have to be filed for, looked for, reported to, make enquiries and sometimes even be enquired by. The worst possible scenario takes place when a situation of identity theft takes place. Apart from being a very distressing situation, you stand to lose indispensable assets as well.

Now imagine the situation in foreign grounds! Just imagine the situation and you can simply feel the sweat in beads, not to mention the splitting headache, before of course the panic attacks begin.

The First Round

Once you know that you may have been the victim of identity thefts such as being looted of cards, passport, visas, cash and even your phone, a basic bout of panic is very much plausible. Nevertheless, you have to somehow take the reins back in your hands and try to take care of the situation in a proper manner. After the initial shocks sets in, try to feel brave and get really street smart. For starters, think it over well, have you really lost the documents? Many times we tend to keep things with so much care that such things tend to hide, even from us.

Next, try to think where you last saw it. If you do not find the needful in the extra safe place, there is a good chance that you may have made a mistake by placing them someplace else and forgotten all about it. Make calls or contact the moderators of such a place, if any.

Most of the time, there is a good chance that you might have left it in a public mode of transportation or perhaps the place you just visited, Visit again and make calls. Try to assess the whole situation. Look if you are missing something else too.

The Aftermath

After you have confirmed that things are indeed missing, you have to buckle up for hours and probably days of action. The first step would be to contact the cops. Slow down and call your phone service provider in order to deactivate the number. Many times the place can be detected by tracking devices.

Next up, visit the embassies. Discuss your problem and do the needful. Deactivate your cards by calling the bank. Hopefully, you will have a secret stash of cash, otherwise arrange for wiring.

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