How to – Sensation of heartburn during pregnancy, how to cope up with it

How to - Sensation of heartburn during pregnancy, how to cope up with it


Heartburn is common in pregnant women. It occurs frequently which does not last for a longer time. However, a pregnant woman finds it difficult to handle the pain. It is not at all a serious issue and the gentle pain of burn is due to the pressure exerted on walls, to indicate the baby growth. In order to prevent it, one must follow some important steps. During the time of pregnancy, the mother needs to consume high calorie food. It would be better to consume the food in required intervals rather than once. A drink contains high composition of caffeine, alcohol, cola shows radical influence on baby and hence it is necessary for the mothers to avoid it completely.

Take easy steps to know impact of heartburn

Follow all the rules and regulations while taking food. One must not sleep immediately after taking their meals. The bed position must be tilt to respective angles and one has to increase head raise. To relive from the pain, it is better to opt for magnesium silicate. The acid reaches to the stomach and enters into esophagus, which causes the heartburn. Maintaining strict rules of diet cannot stop the pain completely and one have to know about the different food materials that are needed to avoid in most of the cases. Decrease the oil content in food while cooking. Include all the fruits in the diet to gain essential vitamins.

Avoid the foods rich in fats and oils

Never consume food rich in spices. Carry chewing gum every time as it helps in salivating, to reduce the production of acids, inside the stomach. This is the best way to reduce impact of heartburn in pregnant women. Sometimes it would be difficult to predict the cause of pain as a woman undergoes physical as well as hormonal changes when carrying and these change leads to heartburn. A hormone develops at the time of pregnancy called as progesterone helps in relaxing muscles and it is responsible to control liquid as well as food inside the stomach. It is easy to predict the heartburn with this hormone.

Include balanced diet to lessen heartburn

Put all your efforts to reduce the pain of heartburn. One could collect important information in taking control measures. Try to make it a habit of reading books, in order to handle the heartburn. If the problem persists, then consult your family doctor and always follow their suggestions to keep complete check of heartburn. The milk is the best source to reduce all its effects. At the time of pregnancy, give more importance to free clothes rather than tight ones. Along with it, take well-maintained diet and little bit of care decrease heartburn for mothers.


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