How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying or Aerophobia

How to Overcome Your Fear of Flying or Aerophobia

Aerophobia or aviophobia is the irrational and extreme fear of flying in an aircraft. People with aerophobia are under constant thoughts of losing their lives while flying. It causes distress in their minds when they get to know that they have to fly. Along with usual anxiety and panic, people facing aerophobia might also have rapid heartbeats and feelings of terror or dread. They might vomit or tremble as soon as they enter an aircraft. There are various reasons behind developing this fear of flying. Alleviating these reasons may also alleviate one’s aerophobia. If you also face this problem, check out some ways to overcome aerophobia.

Ignore unusual expectations

Your aerophobia may be the result of unusual or baseless negative thoughts. You keep imagining negative situations that flying could put you in, while any type of scientific reasoning does not support these. You should try to gain a basic understanding of the aircraft and its flying procedures. Several companies offer fight simulation trainings. You can attend one of these trainings to experience the sounds and feelings you might have inside an aircraft. When you cut down on your unusual expectations, your concerns of traveling in an aircraft are also eliminated.

Avoid exposure to catastrophic incidents

You should stop watching the films and videos of air catastrophes. These lead to the development of negative thoughts and vibes. Try watching shows or reading about people who have conquered aerophobia and learn from their experiences.

Build trust

You should also try to build trust in the flight crew and pilots, as well as in the beauty and positivity of life. Explore your emotions and reasons behind your fears. This can prepare you for a better in-flight experience.


Meditation helps in decreasing anxiety and calming you down. Your thoughts would turn to become more positive through controlled breathing techniques. Try these before taking a flight. You should also try reading and playing some board games while flying. This can help in diverting your attention.

Fly frequently

Taking frequent air travel can help reduce your aerophobia. You get accustomed to the experience when you take flights on a more regular basis.

Pharmacologic treatment

If the above techniques do not help you get over your aerophobia, try to take a pharmacologic treatment from your doctor. They usually recommend an anti-anxiety medication to help you overcome this fear that occurs due to anxiety.

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