Happiness will come to you sooner or later, hold on in the meanwhile!

We should make happiness one of our habit so that, it will be with us every time we want. We have to fill colors in our life with lots of happiness. Being happy is really a great fun because it gives a nice shape to our life. It brings in lots of new things in our life. There will be many memorable moments which will come with happiness hand-in-hand and which are really very difficult to forget.

Pleasure of everything

Pleasure of everything Not only human beings but every living being on the earth feel happy for self and also for one another. This is the very nice emotion which god has created in us. It is very creative expression of expressing happiness and pleasure. When someone does something which will give him or her happiness is the thing which he or she gets from that particular work. Every one of us fell happy when do some kind of work which is our favorite. In other we can say that, we do that particular thing because we get happiness and pleasure from it. Some people feel happy while reading, playing, gardening, chatting, etc. there are many other different things from which we experience happiness. We human beings are selfish creatures. We are always in search of happiness everywhere. And it is true that, happiness is not something which we will get readymade in the shops but we get it through our actions.

 happiness through different activities_1

Not only us, but every single creature get happiness through one or the other things. But, we human beings are special because we can express our happiness through different activities. We can express it through laughing, smiling, dancing, shouting, hugging, etc. not only this, but even some of us express it through crying. Sometimes it really happens with us that, we cannot control our happiness and it comes out through our eyes and is called as ‘tears of happiness’. It is unbelievable but it is true. It also has some psychological reason.

 Happiness the important emotion in our life

Happiness the important emotion in our life We don’t like to sit with sorrow all the time. We are ever ready to welcome happiness in our life. Even small kids like to be happy every time. It is really important for us to be happy because it affects our body and our life. If we are happy then we get positive attitude to work further and also it affects our future. If we are happy then we can make our surrounding happier which is a very good thing. It also feels really nice to be happy all the time so that we can concentrate on our next work. When we are happy everyone who is near to us feels like talking with us and always want our company. It gives another person’s positivewaves to work more. There are many emotions in our life happy, joy, sadness, angry, scared, anxious, wonder, tired, and hungry and many more. It is an endless list. Just have a look here, every one of us will start with happiness and joy first and then the others. We have given happiness a special place in our life. We can’t be sad every time. We have to be happy to keep ourselves fit and fine. Even, a single smile on some one’s face makes us very happy. We feel like to talk with that person. When some is feeling very sad or happy, we can easily figure out that what he or she is feeling right now. It will clearly show on our faces that what we are feeling. Our eyes play the most important role in this. They can easily show our emotional state of mind.

Happiness is the best tool to gain our goals

Happiness is the best tool to gain our goals If we are happy and positive while doing our work then we can easily gain our goals. Since, we are deeply concentrating our work we can complete it on time and we can also do it creatively. It will impress the general public who are around us. Happiness is like a medicine which keeps away all the sorrows and sadness from our life. Happiness does not depend upon what happens outside of you but on what goes on inside you because happiness is essentially within. There are three factors that influence our happiness are genes, environment and intentional activities. Sometimes, happiness is nothing but having an unplanned, unstoppable giggle-fest for no reason at all. There are some rules to be happy. Let’s have look at those rules and they are free your heart from hatred, free your mind from troubles, live simply, give more and expect less. We should strictly follow this rules so that, we will get happiness forever. Summary: In all we can say that, we are responsible for our own happiness. Every one of us wants happiness without pain but it not possible because we can’t see rainbow without a little rain.

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