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No, being friends with your ex is not a good idea

being friends with your ex

Break ups happen in relationships, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. Each partner takes a certain amount of time depending on his or her nature to get over a breakup. However, sometimes a couple splits but they continue being friends with each other. Again, this “just friends” status sometimes does good to the partners and sometimes it worsens the situation further. Following are some points that show being friends after a breakup is not a good option.

Hope misguides you

For a couple who decides to remain friends after a breakup is just a hope that probably things will patch up and they can again be back as a happy couple, but sadly, this hope is just a misconception and it worsens the situation. This hope does not let you really move on and the things between you and your partner do not mend. This is because no matter how hard you try, you cannot be friends to the one who was your beloved, say almost a month ago. The emotions do not change like this, and calling your girlfriend just a friend is nothing but a way to console yourself. Give yourself time and think carefully that is it actually possible to be friends with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

It doesn’t let you move on

Choosing to stay friends even after a breakup does not make things any better for you, in fact you remain stuck at the spot in your love life, so why to break up at first place when the things and circumstances are going to be the same for you even after a breakup. If you choose to be friends then you will not be able to lookout for new opportunities and move on in life. Therefore, it is better to face some period of loneliness and move on in life.

It will not make you feel less lonely

One reason that makes you decide to be friends with your partner after a breakup is that you fear loneliness, but trust me, being friend to your partner will not make you feel a less loner. Being friends to someone who was your beloved is even more painful and depressing, so might as well face that loneliness and sadness of a breakup and come out as a much strong person and look for better opportunities outside.

It disrupts your peace of mind

Being a friend to your ex is easier said than done. You can easily say that your ex is just your friend but what about the feelings and emotions. How will you control them? This creates too much of awkwardness between both the exes. A breakup changes everything, you cannot be as affectionate and caring towards each other as you used to be before break up, so every time you confront your ex the awkwardness will overpower you, eventually disturbing your peace of mind. For the sake of peace of your mind, it is better to let go of your ex.

Sometimes it is better to let go than to hang on

Out of weakness and fear to confront the sad feelings and the lonely times post breakup, we tend to hang on to a relation that is actually not worth to hang, and is better to let go of it. We should learn that letting go is a part of life that makes our lives better. On the other hand, if we decide to hang on to things that hurt us, it is sure that they will hurt in future as well.

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