Five steps to emerge from the ocean of regrets that keeps pulling you deeper

Each one of us has many regrets in life and the list keeps adding new one on daily basis. However, if you feel intertwined with past regrets, it gets quite hard to see ahead in life. It’s not easy to accept the reality but once you do that, you start living your dreams since life never teaches us to look back.

Regrets lay the foundation of success

Regrets lay the foundation of success

Look at the positive aspect of it; People who get success have a long list of failures behind them. When they look back, they see countless things that could have gone accurate long ago, but everything has a place and time. Use all your disappointments to energize your spirit even more. Your shattered dreams can prove to be a stepping-stone for your success. All the success stories are written this way, you have a list of failures and then you constant efforts lead you to an unexpected success that erases all your failures or rather makes them worth it.

Forgive yourself, you deserve it

Forgive yourself, you deserve it

Forgive yourself for not being so wise and smart when you were an eight-year-old boy. Forget that many others who started the journey with you have reached their destination long back. Accept that you are an ordinary human being with an average level of intelligence, that’s why you are still struggling to make progress in life. Close the chapter of grieving over your past now and move on since it takes only an effort with full enthusiasm and consistent hard work to get success. Each one of us is capable of even more.

Are you sure?

Are you sure

Had I chosen the other path, I would have got success? What makes you so sure of success? Don’t kid yourself, things could have been worse too. You always forget the other side to the story, things are not great but they are not bad either. You may not be as rich as your friend who graduated with you but you may not jobless like many who were in the same batch with you. So be happy with the choices you have made in life.

Blame no one

Blame no one

It is you or the one who suggested things to you, or the fate itself. Who actually is responsible for something that has become regret now? Life is good, but sometimes, good things don’t happen to good people. That surely does not mean that this is the end of the story. Accept things and stop playing the blame game. The harm is done, who so ever was responsible, try hard to make things better. Blaming yourself would make you weaker deep down inside and blaming others will cause ill feelings.

It always educates you


Is there anyone who knew it all since birth? Even successful people usually have many regrets but one thing that makes them different from others is that they always take learning from their regrets and convert it into their strength for the next time. Regret remains regret until you analyze it and get to know what actually has gone wrong. Regrets make us wise to make better decisions in future.

You go through different phases of anger, grief, sadness before finally accepting the reality, which means the rise of a new day. Life is never a smooth ride. However, only when you face many bumps on the way, you become wiser and smarter to guide even others. Before this, you face the phase full of hurdles and meet your destiny afterwards.

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