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How to deal with drugs


The sad truth about dealing with drugs is that no matter how easy you may think it to be, it does require an honest hard work. Drugs, being addictive are difficult to let go. You must remain positive and have a strong resolve. The motto, here is: Try Try Till You Succeed. You surely know that if you deal with drugs, it will only help you and others around you so putting it off for long will only harm you. Don’t tell yourself that you will drop the habit tomorrow. Start today.

Friends, Romans and Countrymen

Declare it to everyone you know that you are going to drop this habit for good. May it be your friends, family, colleagues or your boss. The more the people know about this, more praises and accolades you will receive which will only further push you to give it up. You could even ask them to set small rewards for you. For example- Your mother can cook you your favorite dish for dinner if you avoid drugs for 5 days. This encouragement is highly beneficial. Support in this case will take you a long way. Especially when you have someone you deeply love or respect. Request them to back you up in your decision and hold you up to the task. Try seeing the reward which you will receive at the end of this task. Focus on good health. After all, health is wealth!


Ask your family and friends to be supportive of your decision. If you have decided to quit for good, explain it to them. Ask them to encourage you. This will make the path easier and you will know for a fact that you are not alone. There are several people who will back you up and you know for sure that if you give up this habit, everyone will like you better. You can even join online forums or Facebook groups. Talking to more people about giving up the habit will make you happier about your decision. Talk more often to a friend or a family member who has always asked you to quit. The joy on their faces will definitely help you for miles.

See an expert

We may often see articles about quitting drugs on the internet or magazines. But the only person you are fooling by saying that you can manage it on your own is yourself. Consult an expert. See doctors or psychologists. Make sure you are comfortable around them and don’t hesitate to ask questions. There are anonymous groups or phone counselors to talk to. Join a Facebook and talk to people who are also trying to quit. If you help them, you will receive help in return. If there is any doubt in your mind voice it to them. Their attitude and persona is a very approachable one. They will definitely give you the right advice. Go to a rehab center. Sign up for their therapy and programs. They are professionals and more than happy to help you out. Their treatment is most effective. And thus, half the battle is won.

Good riddance

Get rid of all the drugs in your apartment, workplace or home. Not just the drugs but also anything that reminds you off them. Take the contact number of your supplier off the phone. Every time you feel like consuming drugs, try to change your train of thought. Browse through the newspaper about what movie you want to catch this week. You can even ask your friends to help you. Also, request them to not consume any drugs when they are in your company. Seeing them around you will only weaken your resolve. If you are doing something good then it becomes easier if you don’t lapse or give in easily. Stick to your decision. Have a success mantra in your mind. It can be something funny too! For example your mantra could be, ‘I don’t want to end up like the coyote in the RoadRunner Show’.

Success is sweet

Read about success stories. Go through blogs or articles about people who have successfully managed to fight against drug addiction. All of them will push you to be one of them. Drug addiction is a tough opponent to fight but with all the right moves and help, it shouldn’t be too hard. Interact with the writers of these blogs. Maybe after you have successfully dealt with this habit, you could start a blog or a Facebook page of your own! You can help others by offering friendly advice as you managed to get rid of this habit. Don’t just read the success stories. Be one.

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