How to deal with bad co-workers

Difficult people at the workplace can really make your life stressful. Bad co workers will make you want to pull your hair out. But you can hardly do anything as you need to work with them every working day. But do not despair as there are some really good tricks that will help you to deal with bad co workers.

Be prepared for conflict

The best way to deal with a problem is to anticipate it. If you are unprepared then you may react angrily which will result in childish behavior from your side. You must act like a grown up and do not make any snide remarks. You must be willing to a healthy compromise and don’t be unreachable. Before you react to any comment or act, work through your mind all the likely scenarios. This will empower you to act like a professional. With proper man management skills, you can transform a bad co worker into a manageable and likable one. It is very important to uphold your morals and values when you are dealing with them.

Do not fuel the fire

You must not confront a hostile co worker with equal hostility. There is no need for this. You must never stoop to their low level to deal with bad co workers. If you want to fight off irrational or irritant people then you must do so with kindness. They will become frustrated and bored and will think twice before engaging in a debate with you. Once they have stopped disturbing, you can concentrate on what you have been paid to do, work. If you get into unnecessary debate with them challenging their behavior or acts, then an unpleasant altercation will take place which will neither help you nor the situation.

Lend a helping hand

This method is not beneficial in all situations but if often happens that a so called bad co worker is actually searching for a like minded ally. A person who is exhibiting negative behavior is probably dealing with a number of issues in his personal life like money problems, marital issues or even health concerns. Still there is no scope for the justification of his bad behaviors but maybe that worker is dealing with issues that are beyond his control. You need to break down that ‘invincible barrier’ and maybe you will unlock a wonderful friend for yourself. He will become aware of his deeds and may even turn to you for advice.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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