How to deal with anxiety attacks

Anxiety attacks can be so disruptive that they can cause extreme distress and paranoia if left untreated. A pounding heart, excessive sweating and general irritability are symptoms associated with an anxiety attack and in most cases, people do not know what to do about it and make matters worse. Here are some sure ways to deal with an anxiety attack.

Shift your attention

The best way to keep away from getting an anxiety attack is to know the symptoms before they even surface. Thus, when you start feeling stressed out and are alone and thinking too much, you can be sure that you are on the road to an anxiety attack. Take this as a warning signal and do everything possible to stop the anxiety attack. Immediately think of something else so that your attention is change from the immediate threat. This does not come naturally for any of us. However, with persistent effort to change the attention, we can successfully shake off the thought that leads to the anxiety attack. Simple things like calling a friend or getting busy with something that will take your mind and body help in forgetting the reason that could lead to an anxiety attack.

Deep breathing

This is one of the most successful and quickest ways of preventing an anxiety attack. When you are about to have an anxiety attack, you will have excessive sweating, rapid breathing, increased pulse rate etc. among other symptoms. By practicing deep breathing techniques, you will be able to regulate the breathing and remove the excessive sweating. When you start sweating, start inhaling and exhaling deeply. Continue until a count of ten or as long as you can. Soon you will notice that your breathing has become normal. While engaged in deep breathing, try and concentrate on your breath and eliminate all thoughts from your mind by closing your eyes and leaving everything blank. This will help you concentrate on the breathing and relax. It helps if you can slowly repeat in your mind, the word ‘relax’ so that the effect of deep breathing becomes more effective. Deep breathing is one of the single most non drug therapies that are very effective in controlling anxiety attacks.


Sometimes, anxiety attacks can be very severe and difficult to control. In such cases, one might require the help of medications to prevent the symptoms from worsening and leading to paranoia. Severe anxiety attacks can lead to paranoia and depressions which can be much more difficult to treat. Medications like anti anxiety medications, sedatives, anti depressants etc. are the options that your doctor might suggest based on the severity of your condition. However, ensure that the medications are taken with great care and also with the monitoring of the doctor. Following the prescription as per the guidance of your doctor will slowly help keep the symptoms under control and also eliminate the symptoms as well with proper care and support. It is also important to reduce the dosage gradually and come off the medications after you have brought your anxiety attack under control.

Support from friends and family

Whilst friends and family members are important for every individual, for people who are prone to panic attacks and anxiety attacks, the support of friends and family become a necessity. Having someone to confide in and share your fears and troubles is a huge relief for many people with constant anxiety attacks. Sharing not only alleviates the anxiety, but also helps you overcome the fear in the long run as friends and relatives will be able to give you enough support and care and help you cope with your anxiety. They would also give you company and ways to keep your mind busy which will help you remove thoughts of anxiety that can lead to panic attacks.


Sometimes, anxiety attacks can be very deep rooted and connected to incidents that could have troubled you in the past. Counseling will be required in such cases so that the person can get out of the past incidents and emerge as a stronger and more matured personality. Past incidents come to haunt people much more than they imagine as the subconscious mind is at play here. When the subconscious mind is involved, it becomes difficult to control your anxiety attacks alone. A counselor will be able to suggest therapy sessions and medications if necessary and once you are ready to put your past behind, your chances of getting anxiety attacks will be reduced considerably and you will soon lean to control your mind. Counseling might be a long winded process, but it will surely help in controlling anxiety attacks.

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