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How to deal with anger and stress

Anger is quite a destructive emotion. People often act on impulse when they are led by anger, which can damage relationships, things and even your own health. Again there are times when people hold their anger in which can really harm your health. Dealing with anger is quite difficult but if you can master these few steps, then you will have no problem at all.

Find out the core of your anger

If you can manage to understand what is the root cause of your anger, you can actually manage to calm down before the entire stressful situation even crops up. A lot of the times, people get really angry because they are sleep deprived or because they are in some stressful situation and there are other reasons too which cause anger. If you have a journal or an anger sheet and you jot down all the times when you get angry, you will be able to have a better grasp of the situation. The best way to deal with this is to either go to a therapist to talk it out or you can even do so with a close friend or family. When you figure out the sources, dealing with it is a piece of cake.

Take constructive measures

Various research which have been carried out have shown that if you write about your anger or if you manage to express it in some constructive way then you reduce the negativity which you feel and in some cases pain as well. Basically, you do something which is constructive and harmless instead of doing something rash when you are in rage or instead of bottling it up. You might not be able to get rid of the anger this way, but it will calm you down to a certain extent.

Selectively change the way you react

Everyone underestimates the power of their mind. When you get extremely worked up, try and take a step back, breathe in and out and try to tell yourself that the anger is not going to lead to anything good. You need to convince yourself that being angry will only make the entire situation worse. You might still be angry but you need to get your inner voice to help you calm down, even a little bit. You can even try to meditate for calming down.

Don’t over talk it

We mentioned that you need to talk to yourself to calm down. But you need to keep in mind, the part about talking about the anger is quite tricky. You might find out strategies to overcome the anger the first few times you talk about it. But if you keep talking about it, what it does is that it makes you even more angry every time you keep thinking about it. This is going to increase your anger instead of calming you down. The best thing to do, even if you are talking to your friends about this, is to talk about it once and then you get rid of it. The more you talk about it, the more negative your feelings get.

Laugh and Relax

You know how people say laughter is the best remedy to everything. Well, that is very true. The next time when you want to throw something out of the window because you are so angry, think about how stupid that is and laugh at it. Laughing at your actions when you are angry is quite helpful actually. Once you manage to laugh at it, you need to relax and calm down. A lot of people get angry because of tiny issues which are meaningless. If you can realize that you will get less angry.

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