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Established in the year 2006, Dr Prem’s web network is best described as a global network of quality and niche websites related to our daily lives. Dr Prem’s web network has some amazing web portals that display the elaborated content that may provide the insight of the today’s world to the readers. These websites are counted as the most popular websites in there respected niche segment, and they bring out the most recent news and content. Altogether, the network has the existence on around  25 portals offering the striking web browsing experience.

25 Niche Sites | 30 Guides | Thousands of Articles | Millions of Reader

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The content present on our websites is the reflection of the affluent experience of our writers who always keep the interest of the readers alive with something novel and exciting in their content.

All the websites of the Instamedia network are strategically planned and contain well-written content that is authentic and free from all kind of plagiarism. Instamedia also offers varieties of services to server ever growing need of online websites.

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  • Web Development
  • Web Promotion
  • Online Presence Strategies
  • Web Management
  • Online Magazine Management
  • Content Writing Services

Dr Prem’s global web network caters to 5 million readers a month through 25 niche websites, get exposed with us.

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