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Do You Know the Difference Between Online Presence & Reputation?

Do you know there is difference in online presence and online reputation?

Your presence appeals but reputation counts. Reputation affects others’ senses and adds to your success.

The power of people’s words is massive. What are they saying about you? Positive or Negative?

Trust grows from positive words.
Did you know 93% of buying decisions are driven by positive reviews?

3 out of 4 customers trust a brand if the reviews are positive.

90% of people invest time in reading reviews.
People read 7 reviews on average before trusting a brand.

1 Negative review needs 12 positive reviews to counterbalance it.

94% of people avoid business if they find a single negative review

Negative reviews are bad, but Zero review is even worse. It implies you are not present at all!

Social media is a vast place to build a solid foundation of Trust.

54% of customers use social media for product research.

71% of customers will likely recommend a brand to others if they have a positive experience on social media.

39% of customers trust brands only if they find them interacting on social media.
Trust our expertise to help you build up your online presence and reputation.

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Online presence is just a tip of Online Reputation’s iceberg…. So choose wisely 🤝🤘
Social media has become more important for business growth
Perception builds from online reputation.
Thank you for sharing this epic piece of information🙌
Yes Agreed, What you said here. It’s really important to every business for online Presence as well.
Amazing Explanation on Difference in Online Presence & Online Reputation. It matters most when you’re an entrepreneur.
It has become very important for businesses to monitor and respond to things that are being said about them online
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