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Simple tips to deal with Water Pollution

Simple tips to deal with Water Pollution

The ancient and primary civilizations were established on the banks of rivers. The main reason behind this was the availability of water. Water is used in every field and aspect of life. It is used to hydrate our body and cleanse it and to produce food and other necessary items. We cannot survive without water but despite of its value in our life little has been done to save or secure this natural resource. Human beings are responsible for polluting the natural water resources with harmful chemicals and wastes. In today’s world water pollution has reached a new level and if we all do not join hands and actively take part in stopping it soon there will be no drinkable water left. Water is a great carrier of virus and bacteria. Unclean water can lead to severe health break down. The ways of tackling this issue have been discussed in this article.

Eco awareness

One of the greatest reasons behind water pollution is lack of proper knowledge and education. The reckless use of composts and pesticides in agriculture can cause water pollution. The pollutants and chemicals get mixed with rain water and drains out through the canals to rivers or the sea. Oil tankers get drowned in the sea, spreading gallons of oil across it, endangering the sea ecosystem. With proper education for everyone more people will understand the necessity of water conservation and the harmfulness of water pollution. With the spread of awareness people will start contributing in keeping water pollution in check.

Use the garbage

A small step towards conserving water and keeping it pollution free is the appropriate use of garbage boxes or cans. Wherever you go or even if you are at home never throw used batteries, detergent cans, plastics in the sink or sewage canal directly. Wash your cars in such a way that the water doesn’t go into the storm drain. The storm drain water is never purified before it is thrown into the water bodies. Check the use of warm water for cloth washing. Maintain the rules of hygiene and try to use fewer chemicals in your daily lifestyle. An organic lifestyle will help you keep your environment clean.

Take part in cleaning drives

Arrange a community cleaning drive and clean up an area which is possibly causing water pollution. You can go to the beach and pick waste products. Gather the waste and carry it to the nearby dust bin.

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