How to deal with shoplifters

Shoplifting is a serious crime. Some people shoplift for excitement, while some others do it due to financial pressures. The store owners often find it difficult to deal with shoplifters, even if they get caught. Here are a few tips to deal with shoplifters at ease.

Observe carefully

The store owner and his/her employees are highly responsible to observe the buyers carefully. Advancement in technologies have helped the store management to detect shoplifters easily. CCTV cameras and Radio frequency Identification system are very helpful to monitor your customers. However, your steps and actions against shoplifters should not affect the genuine buyers. Keep an eye on suspicious buyers and watch their every move. Don’t rely on the CCTV cameras entirely, as it may miss a few places like the corners of the room or middle of the aisles. Take a casual walk around your store often and observe your buyers.

Warn the shoplifters

If a shoplifter get caught red handed, you may decide whether to take severe action or solve the issue immediately with a warning. Know the reason for the shoplifter’s inappropriate behavior. They may tell you about their financial burden and many other reasons. However, every thief has his/her own moral reasons for their unfavorable circumstances. If it’s your first incident with that particular shoplifter, seize the products and give them a serious warning. It will give a chance to change their attitude and make them realize their mistakes. Discourage their visits to your shop in the future.

Make them pay

If you don’t wish to warn your shoplifters, alternatively, you can make them pay for all the products they have shoplifted. It will be the right punishment for their mistakes. When you suggest this solution, most shoplifters will try to put back the products back in the shelves. Don’t allow them to do it. Just leave them with two options: either buy the products they have shoplifted, or face legal authorities. Probably, shoplifters will agree to buy those products. Issue a warning and remind them that if they get caught one more time, they will have to face serious consequences.

Inform the legal authorities

Some shoplifters might be very adamant and strong in their attitude. If they fail to accept their mistakes and apologize for the same, then it’s time to bring the legal authorities into the scene. Don’t hesitate to report shoplifting issues to the authorities. Don’t consider the value of the shoplifted items as a reason for the seriousness of the issue. Because, shoplifting is itself a serious crime. Be ready with your proofs and eye-witnesses before the cops arrive at your place.

Prevent shoplifting

Usually, shoplifting happens where there are minimal security checks and careless employees. It’s also a part of the owner’s mistake for leaving opportunities to the shoplifters. Provide sufficient training to your security guards and give them the responsibility to prevent shoplifting in your store. Keep a warning message at the entrance to alert the shoplifters. Don’t hesitate to invest some money in modern security systems. Literally, it could save you hundreds of dollars in the future.

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