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Seven key steps to follow when you get caught in a phase

key steps to follow when you get caught in a phase

There is always a choice to make when you feel stuck and feel that there is no way out. It’s all up to you, you have the power to choose whether to get deeper into the hole or come out and live life your way.

Look inside

Look inside

Instead of looking outside for a solution, look inside yourself since things remain the same, it is just a way of looking at things, which changes and makes you feel stuck. You simply can’t change things outside you but certainly bring about a change in you and as a result of it you feel as if everything around has changed automatically.

Life does not have to be perfect


Bring yourself out of the fear of failures, fears and doubts. You should live life your way, as you do not have to prove anything to anyone, not even to yourself. Do not seek to have a perfect life but look for having a meaningful life.

Look for real growth

Look for real growth

Each one of us want to grow in life but this growth always has to do with buying a new car, a big house and a decent bank balance. However, there is another growth, which helps you grow as a person. Only a few people could attain this growth since we have a misconception that the real growth has to do with financial status in society. You attain a real growth when you grow as a person and know how capable you have been in overcoming you own weaknesses over the period.

It’s time to make a change

When you are stuck, you should know that it’s time to change the way you have been doing thing earlier. A change may have to be there in your thoughts, mentality, perspective and habits. Remember that change may be painful at the first sight but you get used to it after a while. Looking back at it gives you an awkward feeling later.

Live in today

Live in today_1

The most important reason you feel stuck is that you still live in yesterday and do not embrace today with open heart. Each day brings new hopes and new dreams with it. It depends upon you whether you look ahead to embrace it or keep moving backward to regret over past. Release your frustrations and regrets. Instead of wasting all your energy over your past that keeps holding you back, invest it to accept the new dreams of today.

Breakthroughs of life

Breakthroughs of life

When you are stuck for long time, it means that the greatest breakthrough of your life is waiting ahead. It is rather necessary to get stuck to achieve a new objective. Remember that the longest time you get stuck, the biggest would be the breakthroughs. Keep taking small steps, if you can’t move faster as every little steps makes a difference.

Accept and move on

Accept and move on

You can always get an excuse that hinders your way, but if you really want to move on in life, you have to be strong to make a decision. It really is going to be tough but not as painful as the phase of being stuck. No one else can hold you back but you. Instead of denying the reality, accept it and take an initiative to bring about a change. You will remain stuck until the moment you decide to take the charge in your own hands.

When you are stuck, remember that it is just a phase, which will fade away after a while. You are way stronger than all your troubles, take responsibility to be the change.

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