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Obsessing over things you cannot change takes you nowhere

Obsessing over things you cannot change takes you nowhere

Sometimes life has its own way of leading us to through unknown routes to unknown destinations. What we plan hardly materializes as we find ourselves going in a completely different direction than what we had previously wanted to. Maybe it is life’s way of showing us something better that awaits us at this new juncture. Or maybe it’s the way we are meant to realize that something’s are best left unfinished and forgotten. Which brings us to pertinent question, “Why obsess over the things that you cannot change?”

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Rather than obsessing over these unchangeable things, you can focus on embracing yourself to the things, which you can change. Replaying all those lost chances and opportunities in your mind by saying, “What if I had done that,” “What if I had gone there instead,” etc. is only going to slow your current progress by forcing you to question your own thoughts and decisions.

Your best bet now would be to focus on the journey ahead. Keep your mind inclined towards your courage, determination, strengths and desires. Reward yourself consistently with every small step you take to achieving success. Accept the positivity that life has shown you now. If you keep on reminiscing about negative thoughts like unhappy relationships and financial crunches, you would be sending an indirect message to the universe about expecting more of these troubles to haunt you soon.

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Thankfully, there are quite a few safety valves you can rely on to get out of this situation, with perseverance being the most powerful valve aka tool. Perseverance will help you achieve anything and everything. Unknown to you, a higher power inside your body would help you move forward without thinking back about your mistakes, which would tend to slow you down.

Rather, treat these mistakes as stepping stones or building blocks to build your life’s lessons. Learn from these mistakes so that you do not repeat them in the future. However, remember this. You would need to learn to shake yourself free off these mistakes as you progress forward. If not, you would only end up getting overburdened with your flaws as well as the guilt of not learning from them. This in turn would weigh down your body and mind to the extent that you get trapped in a place of mediocrity with no way out.

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Let us take a small example to understand this better. Have you set any goals for yourself today? Consider them carefully. If you find any hindrances or issues in the way, practice the method of abstinence to banish them to the back of your mind. Let your inner Higher Power come to the forefront. Abstain from behaviors that would limit this power, including overeating, drinking, gambling and over thinking, thereby restraining your brain from doing something that is outside its comfort zone.

In certain cases, changing your mindset to focus on something more positive would require you to purge out your old ideas and cleanse your mind off all negative thoughts that accompany them. It is not that hard a task provided you dedicate your body and mind to becoming better human being this way. If you find it difficult to proceed, as your inner, Higher Power comes to your rescue.

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Your Higher Power would have already seen plenty of difficulties and would have been with you through times of stress and peace. Trust this Higher Power to be there for you no matter where you are and what situation you are in. Your genuine effort to transform your life for the better would not go unanswered, with plenty of angelic helpers ready to help you along the way.


To move ahead in life, one would need to banish all negative thoughts from his/her head and stop obsessing over things that they cannot change. Doing so would restrict his/her progress and overburden him/her with past mistakes. Shaking off these mistakes and focusing on the path ahead by not looking back at these unchangeable things, but rather one’s inner power would help an individual start a new chapter of his/her life with minimum hassles.

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