How to deal with morning sickness(Version-2)

Morning sickness can spoil your day. No matter how many precautions one takes, you cannot avoid it. The queasiness may come and go as it pleases. However finding the cause and taking appropriate steps might actually help to avoid such type of morning sickness in future.

Being hydrated

It is very truly said that water is life. Water helps your body to hydrate which is essential when you are throwing all the body’s water out. Hence, remember to intake water and keep your body hydrated. It might feel very difficult to have that glass of water when your stomach is actually throwing all the things out. However at such times it is very important to have water as your system is totally dehydrated. You can try different ways to getting that water into your system like having cold water instead of normal water. Water definitely works anytime.

Food a necessity

Even if it is the last thing that you want to have, you need to have food. Not to have food is a common thing when one is suffering from morning illness. You might want to stay away from it as much as you can. However, this food acts as a remedy while you are suffering from morning illness. There are no specific foods which should be eaten while having morning sickness, you can go in for carb rich foods like crackers, dry cereal or can go in for fresh fruits like water melon, sweet limes, etc. Oily foods are not good for stomach but those foods make you feel better so you can go for them.

Ginger to the rescue

You might not be even aware of many things in your kitchen itself which can give you relief from morning sickness. Ginger is very well known as a rescuer for stomach sickness. Of course that does not mean that you chew up the ginger by itself. But you can definitely get creative with it. You can make a nice piping hot ginger tea for yourself. You can also go in for a nice crystallized ginger candy, gingersnaps or gingerbread or just add it in your soup. It will definitely make you feel better instantly and its natural too, so you don’t have to fear of any side effects.

Distract yourself

It is very difficult to take over your mind into something else. However with little efforts it will definitely work for you. You can engross yourself in reading newspaper or solving the Sudoko for a change. Other things you can do to take your mind off from the sickness is reading a nice novel or just going for a walk. Reading the novels that interest you will make you forget that you even had a morning sickness. Exercise is the best remedy; however you should practice only after the doctor advises it. But remember to stop doing it if you feel sick.

Sleep can help too

Sometimes simple things work best for morning sickness. You have tried every possible thing to get rid of this morning sickness, but nothing is working out for you. In such a situation it is best to just lie down and have the much required nap. Doctors also agree on it that sleep is the best remedy for morning sickness. Just drop a sick leave in your office, forget about all the work that’s pending and have a nice nap. You can also call your husband to help you out in little household work or you can call a friend. It will definitely work.

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