How to keep the triglyceride levels in children low and healthy

How to keep the triglyceride levels in children low and healthy

Studies have revealed that more and more children are facing risks of increasing triglyceride levels in the bodies because of improper diets and poor eating habits. Although the effects of the high triglyceride levels would not affect them now, they would increase the risks of these children contracting conditions like high cholesterol levels during adulthood. So if your child is diagnosed with high triglyceride levels, here are some ways in which you can lower them in order to make sure your child leads a healthy, hassle free life in the years to come.

Step 1: Add Foods from all Food Groups

Healthy eating starts by including foods from all the 5 different food groups. Make it a point to have a continuous stock of fresh vegetables and fruits in the house. Make sure you add them to your child’s including diet. Try to include whole grains, low fat dairy products and lean meats to maintain your child’s cholesterol and saturated fat levels low.

Step 2: Stay away from fat and cholesterol rich foods

Teaching your kids to stay away from fat and cholesterol rich foods at a young age itself would enable them to develop proper dietary habits as they grow. Stay away from cakes, cookies and doughnuts while offering your kids frozen fruit bars, frozen yogurt and other healthier alternatives instead. Opt for fresh cooked foods while staying away from packaged ones that would usually contain high amounts of cholesterol and fat.

Step 3: Read labels carefully before buying

Take some additional time to read food labels before buying them in order to find out how much cholesterol and fat they contain. Your child should have no more than 300 mg of cholesterol intake a day. Keep track of what he/she eats and how much he/she eats in order to make sure this limit does not exceed.

Step 4: Keep a check on sugary foods and drinks

You would not be able to keep your child away from sugary foods completely. So make it a point to check how much he/she eats every day instead. Store away treats at home, and allow for only one serving of sweets or sugary snacks a day. This would in turn keep the triglyceride levels low.

Step 5: Incorporate exercises in your child’s daily routine

Make sure that your child exercises a bit every day. Remaining active would ensure that your kid remains healthy and fit as he/she grows up, and keep the triglyceride levels low in order to facilitate the same. So incorporate some form of exercise into your child’s daily routine. You can opt for sports, swimming or rope jumping for at least 30 minutes a day for the same purpose.

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