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How to deal with trolls on the internet

deal with trolls on the internet

Knowing the methods to deal with trolls

Internet is no doubt the best means and measure towards entertainment in all forms. However, internet trolling on different online social networking sites is getting common. The people who are involved in trolling over the internet are usually anonymous and it gets hard to track them down when they are overdoing the trolling. You must know that, trolls are never affected with logical arguments and criticism as they themselves stoop down low. Nevertheless, it is important to know about what internet trolling is all about so that you are able to deal with them in a better manner.

What you should not do to invigorate the trolls

If you are dealing or facing with an internet troll, then you must always remember it will not work if you start insulting them as it gives them the power to strike back with vengeance. You must not get into your temper while dealing with trolls as it will energize the internet trolls. You should not treat them like a part of community, as they do not follow any online community standards or etiquettes. Never get into an argument with the internet trolls, as it will harm your own image. The way of talking in the online forums and communities will make you recognize which are the trolls.

How to deal with internet trolls

Below mentioned are some of the steps, which you can take into use to deal with internet trolls.

Ignore the trolls: The most effective method, which you can adopt to deal with an internet troll, is to ignore them. Goal of a troll is to make you angry, if you do not respond to the trolls, then they will not pester you about their annoying comments.

Do not bicker back: If you are sane, then you will surely not revert to the trolling. If you do not indulge yourself in a squabble with the troll, then you can easily win the game.

Talk to the community moderator: If you are irritated with the internet trolls, you can contact the community administrators or moderators as they are having the power to remove or block such people from the online community.

Block them: As internet has its advantages, you can block the internet troll with ease. This way, you can keep them away from tarnishing your image with their filthy comments and posts.

Inform your friends: You can always inform your friends about the internet troll so that they can ignore them before being their pray.



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