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How to deal with Halloween pranks?

deal with Halloween pranks

As various festivals are marked all across the world, Halloween is one of them, which is celebrated with full pomp and show. It is one of the most special occasions, which is loved by people from all across the world. Halloween is celebrated to mark the occasion of harvesting of fruits and crops. Prayers are also being offered to goddess ‘Pomona’ on this occasion. Jack lanterns can be seen in front of all the homes, as it is a mascot to celebrate Halloween. Halloween is all about parties and pranks in which people of all ages indulge. Halloween is fun as various activities are hosted that can give you memories for a lifetime. Regrettably, there are people who want or love to create nuisance during the festive season of Halloween. It has been seen that, these mischief or pranks have caused immense damage to the property of people and even have left many injured and hurt at several incidents. Egging, stink bombs, stealing décor, putting good on fire, smoke bombs and various other pranks are played by people that causes damage financially and emotionally as well.

Know about the object of pranks, used during Halloween, which causes trouble

Throwing eggs (rotten) has become one of the most common pranks that some lunatic people love to do. Rotten eggs are chosen for the purpose as it holds a stinky smell that is unbearable. The aftereffects of this are even bad because the protein that is in the eggs can tarnish the paint of your home and cars. As rotten eggs are hard, it might even break the windowpanes and can even cause severe damage to people who are exposed to it accidently.

Hurling a pumpkin towards a person or any non-living object can create more damage than eggs as they are bigger in size. Throwing smoke bombs or shit bombs are even more dangerous than eggs and pumpkin.

Larceny of decoration from the garden or porch is another prank that is taken into use by pranksters. It might be for fun, but it can cause a loss of several thousand dollars. Various incidents have been reported where pranksters have stolen the yards of people on Halloween, which were costing around two hundred thousand dollars.

Throwing lavatory paper on trees causes mayhem for people, as they are difficult to clean if they are wet. Pranksters even take use of shaving cream to pour over doorknobs and car doors. Spray containers with sticky strings are also taken up as it can be sprayed over the doors and windows, which becomes a tedious task for people when it comes for cleaning.

Know the methods to deal with these objects of pranks

Knowing about the methods, which you can take into use for cleaning up the mess, would be beneficial for you. Below mentioned is a list of things, which you can do to deal with Halloween pranks:

Use pressurized water hose to clean the eggs from your car along with your door and windows. Do not crush or rub the eggshells as they can vandalize your screens. Spray continuously until every bit of egg is dropped off. You can even take use of detergent and warm water to remove the sticky substance.

Cleaning the toilet paper from your rooftops and trees can be tedious if it is not done in time. You can take use of duct tape and wrap it on a long pole to clean the streamers stuck on the trees and roofs.

You can also clean the doorknobs, which are covered in shaving cream with a clean cloth and water. Using a hose would be a good idea. Take use of a cloth with microfibers to clean the doorknobs and car doors after you have rinsed the shaving cream. Further, you can rinse off the shaving cream from your doorstep.

When sticky strings released from pressurized cans are on your car screen or panels, do not scratch them off with your nails as damage can be done to both screen and your nail. Take use of fabric softener as it softens the substance, which makes it easy to remove. Take use of a soft fabric brush to clean off the stains. You can even take use of lemon-based water to soften the base for cleaning in a hassle free manner.

Know about the best methods to deal with Halloween pranks

Knowing about the tricks to handle the pranksters will be best to deal with them on Halloween. Below mentioned are some of the best methods, which can be fruitful in dealing with pranksters:

Be polite and Kind: Always be gentle with people who are coming at your doorstep for treat and trick. Although you are not handing out sweets, you can talk sweetly to them, as the pranksters are mostly angry kids who do not receive any gifts and treats and are hushed away from the doors.

Lighten up your home: Taking use of wonderful lighting system will keep you safe from pranks during Halloween. Take use of lights, which are cheap and can be taken into use after Halloween. Install some sensor lighting systems, which can activate if any one tries to steal from your bargain. Having your house in light will dissuade pranksters to go for any sort of pranks.

Party hard: Hosting a party at your home would be the best idea, as you can stay safe with maximum numbers. Pranksters tend to avoid those houses where all night parties are hosted. Do not leave your homes empty, as it is an easy target for the pranksters.

Cover the slots: Always try to cover up or nail the slots from where dung bombs and smoke bombs can be hurdled inside.

Parking: Park your cars in your backyard if you are having this facility. This way you will be able to deal with the pranks on your cars during Halloween.

Surprise them: If you are aware that a prank is about to be opened at you, then be ready with a prank of you own which can take them with surprise.

Some additional pointers

Always look into the motive before you take any action. Halloween is a day for party fun and pranks. However, stay alert and attentive by contacting patrol officers so that you can keep your neighborhood safe from pranksters pulling pranks on Halloween.

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