How to deal with habit of changing gadgets with every new release?

There are many people who had kept the old unlimited data plans on hold, and started using the capped plans. Here is an idea to get more customers; all you need to do is replace the unlimited plans with shared data plan. In general these plans provide you the data, which you can use it on multiple devices. All phones, laptops, MiFi’s, tablets, etc must be purchased on the plan share.  In fact sharing data will help you in changing your buying habits. It is your attitude and work style which you need to change in order to control the habit of changing gadgets.

Tips to avoid the attitude of changing gadgets:

Some of the general tips to control the habit of changing gadgets are

  • You could stop going for shopping as when a new gadget releases into the market. Try to send either your friends or family members for the shopping.
  • You could change your environment to lose interest on new gadgets. Make sure that you concentrate on some other entertainment related programs to confine yourself to a single gadget.

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  • You could do meditation regularly to improve your  self-controlling  habit, and concentration, in order to not distract as and when a new gadget is released into the market.
  • Make sure that you avoid the changing behavior, as it may show impact on your personal life too.
  • You could choose a single gadget which fulfills all your needs, in spite of purchasing multiple gadgets to fulfill your needs.
  • Give your salary as and when you get it to your wife or any of your family members to avoid spending more money lavishly on gadgets.
  • Always confine yourself to a single gadget, try to avoid thinking about latest gadgets as much as possible.
  • Always develop positive attitude in order to stay satisfied with whatever you have!
  • Give yourself a self punishment by not going for shopping.
  • Think that you have a good gadget with excellent features always to avoid thinking about the new gadgets.
  • Make sure that you spend more time on spending with friends and family members in spite of going for shopping regularly.
  • Avoid attending the gadget launch events to control the habit of changing gadgets.

You could follow the above tips to avoid the habit of changing gadgets with every new release. These tips might be difficult to follow, but a bit of motivation and determination is enough to stay controlled.


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