How to deal with chipped nails

deal with chipped nails

Every girl wants to look beautiful and stay updated with every changing style. They all make their own little efforts in order to make themselves look presentable in front of everyone. Increasing the length of nails and applying various colours of paint on them is the favourite hobby of every girl and with the rising trend of nail arts that make the nails look every more attractive, girls want to have considerable long nails to be able to apply the nail paints and well as nail arts in an effective manner. However, there are many who face the problem of having weak nails that simply do not allow them to have long and beautiful nails for a longer time.

Having chipped and peeling nails can actually be really disappointing for the fashion freak girls as their nails that took weeks to grow into the desired length gets broken within a few seconds because of their weakening strength. Nevertheless, there are some really easily adaptable solutions that can help to treat chipped and peeling nails:

Consider taking supplements

Your body needs proper intake of certain proteins and nutrients in order to maintain the hygiene level in your body. Nails can become weak and hence start getting chipped and peeled in the absence of such nutrients, thus making it necessary to manage your diet in such a manner that there would never be the deficiency of these proteins for the body organs. Biotin and Vitamin B folate can do wonders to make the nails seem harder and stronger. So, make sure that your meal for the day consists mainly of meats, dairy products or fruit items in the maximum proportion.

Provide your nails the required moisture level

Just like the other parts of your body, your nails need to be moisture too from time to time as the dry nails can easily get chipped and peeled. Make sure that whenever you apply moisturising cream on your body; rub it on your nails and fingers too so that they can also get the moisture to get the protection against all the dust and dry atmosphere, especially in summers when the heat is at its peak and there are more chances for nails to have a dryness.  Also, when you keep your hands in water for longer period or you remove your nail paint, it is recommended for you to apply moisturised immediately to prevent all the effects as nail colours act as the prominent moisturising agents.

Try to use the perfect solution

If you are facing the problem of having a chipped nail then they can really make your fingers look ugly. However, till you get them back in their proper quality and size back you can always use the temporary solutions in order to cover up the chipped area. You can always modify the shape and the appearance of your nails if they are chipped and peeled. Either try using a simple cotton cloth to rub on the chipped part so that your nail would become a bit smooth and flat or you can apply nail pain removing chemical on the affected area for a few times in order to retrieve your old quality nail back within a few days. You can even coat you nail with a high quality nail paint in order to provide a coating to the chipped area. 

Your protection is with you

There are many medicines that can result in making your skin as well as your nails dry. However, following the prescription is something you just cannot avoid as sometimes the diseases are severe enough to not bother about the beauty facts. However, you can either try asking your doctor to recommend a different prescription for you that is free from all the side-effects or you can start making use of the gloves in order to be assured that your hand nails are completely protected while your perform any task that requires the involvement of any dangerous thing like some chemicals that can dry off the skin.

Use the right technique

It is the general tendency of every individual that they do not really remove the earlier applied nail paint before completely removing the first one. Well, it could result in chirping and peeling of your nails to a great extent so try to remove your nail paint completely before you even hold the another one to apply. File your nails in a single direction and do not just buff them off in all the directions as that could end up adding to the ugly look of the nails. Also, make sure that after you apply the new nail colour; leave it as it is for at least 10 minutes to get the proper effect.

You might be able to use various alternative solutions that have been mentioned above in order to make your nails appear better n cuter but along with these simple remedies, it is necessary that you take personal care of your nails hygiene as they are most prone to getting the dirt particles inside and thus should be taken proper care of. Remember! No one is going to come to you and provide you a suggestion about the same. Thus, you would yourself be required to have a look at them and consequently clean them on regular basis.

If even these remedies do not work for you then you can even consult a doctor regarding the same before it actually turns out to be something serious as infection through nails spread more easily than any other medium. Eat healthy, keep the things cleaned and devote sometime daily to take care of your hands as others can only suggest you but the ultimate caring is in your own hands. Do not avoid the chirping and peeling problem and get it treated in its initial stages only.

Use only high quality products and do not take any risk or be careless in any terms when it comes to taking care of your own health!

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