Holding your parents responsible for your troubles is an incorrect approach

Parents try their level best to provide a good future to their kids and want to see them successful in life. They go to any extreme to do that. All their efforts to make their kids self-reliant and self-dependent come down to nothing when their kids blame them. It is however, true that parents play a crucial role in shaping the lives of their kids but blaming everything on them can never be justified. Do not blame your parents:

For desirable education/job


It is true that parents make certain decisions for you when you are not capable to do so, especially in adolescence. However, you cannot deny the fact that by the time you pass you high school you are mature enough to make your own decisions. Blaming your parents for not giving you desirable education may never be justified as they always try their level best. They make decisions that they think would give you a good future. Even if you are stuck with a bad job, it is your own choice to be there or not. Blaming your parents does not serve any useful purpose.

For not giving you proper guidance

Mother and daughter

Parents guide you the best way they can. You cannot argue the fact that they make the best use of their abilities to guide you through your way to success.

For financial issues

Woman's hand hold dollar bill.

Blaming your parents for your poverty or financial issues is more like blaming yourself. Parents take care of you, they feed you, they get you educated and try hard to give you everything you need. You cannot imagine your existence if your parents do not take care of you. If you blame your parents for missing an opportunity that could have given you a better future, then again you must know they may have valid reasons to do that. You may not have worldly possessions from your parents but can always make your dreams come true if you work hard.

For turning you into an introvert


Those who feel that they could not adopt bold and blunt behavior patterns due to their parents’ restrictions must make themselves aware of the strengths of introverts. Most of the great people of the world are introverts and this makes them able to touch new milestones in life. It is also true that if you can turn yourself into an extrovert, you can learn to push your limits and challenge yourself.

For unsatisfied desires and dreams

lady Winner

Who doesn’t want to be rich in life? It enables you to live life your way. If you want to be rich like your friends then you must learn to put in your best efforts and have a winner’s attitude. Those who wish their parents were rich so that they could pass on millions to them can never be successful in life. You must make yourself able so that you become rich and famous. Love and support of your parents make you rich, not a big pile of money.

For your negative attitude

negative attitude

The way you approach your life may have a little influence of your childhood but that does not mean that you blame it on your parents. Even a negative situation may have positive influence on your personality. Who says that kids from broken families always have a negative approach towards life? They may look at things from a different point of view. It is never too late to change your toxic mentality and move on in life.

Blaming your parents can never solve your problems. It only takes you away from it. These excuses work as defense mechanisms that keep you from developing a broader perspective towards life. No reason should keep you from loving your parents for who they are.

Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team (C)

Dr Prem is an award winning strategic leader, renowned author, publisher and highly acclaimed global speaker. Aside from publishing a bevy of life improvement guides, Dr Prem runs a network of 50 niche websites that attracts millions of readers across the globe. Thus far, Dr Prem has traveled to more than 40 countries, addressed numerous international conferences and offered his expert training and consultancy services to more than 150 international organizations. He also owns and leads a web services and technology business, supervised and managed by his eminent team. Dr Prem further takes great delight in travel photography.

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