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Experimenting with Life can Help you Improve


Life is all about Experiments

Life is an article of experimentation. In fact, history proves that the west has moved forward only through extreme experimentation. The westerners moved from renaissance to enlightenment to modernism to post modernism only through experimentation. If experimentation can change an entire era, it can definitely change the life of an individual. There have been enough books about experimentation including Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography titled “My experiments with life”. Britain has shown the world the outcome of experimentation. It has changed the meaning of the world itself. Right from childhood, if one indulges in experimentation one can go a long way. In fact, interestingly enough, a lot of births are simply a result of experimentation.

The world is a crazy place and one can either mix-up in the madness or experiment and live a unique life. Those who have had the courage to think differently and experiment with their lives have always made a mark in the world. From the beginning to the end, life ought to be a series of experiments. You can mingle in the world’s usual rush or you can emerge a winner by thinking differently. Someone must have experimented somewhere for the world to get where it is today. The world has moved from the Stone Age man to cars to planes gradually. All of this is only a result of experimentation.

You can Start at Any Point in Time


Ladder of success

You don’t need to be young or old in order to begin experimenting with your life. You can begin at any point in time. It in fact, indirectly starts right since the time you are born. One needs a little bit of experimentation to determine whether you are alive and breathing, a little bit to determine whether you are breathing inside the womb etc. Thus, life is nothing but a series of experiments. If you put your own efforts in these experiments, you will improve your life by a lot. Some of the experiments get so interesting that they give you an adrenaline rush. However, make sure that your experiments aren’t causing trouble to any of your companions. Also, make sure that you play within the rules.

Experimentation with life can begin on any day and at any time. You can begin experimenting while working on an important assignment or while walking briskly in the park. You don’t necessarily have to start on a Monday morning. You can decide to do this anywhere, anytime. If one leads a life of experimentation, one shall die a peaceful death. Those who live life through experimentation always die happy. Not matter if you die young, you ought to die happy and satisfied. Life flows like a river and it is up to you to go with the flow or to change its course and direction according to your will. You can either set the house on fire or you can let it be.

Inculcate the Habit of Experimenting


You need to levy the habit of experimentation on your life with great will and determination. Not only the west but also the east has moved ahead owing to experimentation. Though, the only difference being, the experiments of the westerners were based on logic and reason and the experiments of the easterners have been largely spiritual in reason. None the less, spirituality also comes with logic and reason if one looks at it correctly. Thus, you can start experimenting on any facet of your life. It could be the way you speak, the way you walk, your daily routine or anything else.

One of the most obvious places where one can begin to experiment in the modern day is on their day job. Everyone does a job these days and one can think of changing their attitude at work as an interesting experiment. It might lead to promotion or increment. On the other hand, something as simple as even deciding to read a novel or an essay everyday is also a means of experimentation. If you decide to implement what you learn from your reading, you go a step ahead. Criticizing a bad habit of your own on a regular basis could be another way of experimenting.

One doesn’t really have to belong to the west or east in order to experiment. You can begin to experiment in any part of the world. Though, it is true that Britishers have been pioneers in the field of experimentation. Experimenting will help you grow and become a better person day by day. You will soon start feeling like a better person day by day. From a college student to a school child to a 70 year old man, anyone can experiment with their lives and better their lives. You will soon see notable changes in your life and you will go through an altogether new phase of enlightenment through experimentation.

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