7 Signs that show you’re in bad company

You can judge the character of a person by the kind of company he/she keeps. You may not have a control on who comes in your life, but you certainly have a right to choose those friends who bring out the best in you. Watch for these signs:

They suit themselves

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It is important in a relationship to have communication on regular basis as you can get to know the other person. If there is lack of commitment, you must be aware. Do not try to get close to those people who make time for you only when they find it convenient. True friends always try to stay close to you no matter what. You must understand your own worth and move on in life when you see that other person takes you for granted.

Those who make you feel guilty

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Individuals make mistakes in life and learn from them to turn into a better person. Those who find it hard to digest the fact that you have moved on in life can never be your true friends. Do not let such people make you feel guilty. Get rid of them as they hardly help you in anyway. They may turn you into a negative person if you let them control your life.

They make you feel trapped

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It is not important to control the people you love or try hard to keep them in your life. When you find people controlling your behavior and make you feel trapped, it high time to be in charge of your own life. Healthy relationships give you the freedom to make your own decisions and live life your way. Do not let others call shots in your life. Learn to say no when you do not feel free to express your opinion.

They doubt your ability

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A true friend would never doubt your abilities. Those who always question or make fun of your ability to be successful in life would never support you. Friends are there to help you go through all hardships of life and to make you feel confident. They motivate you to tap you hidden talents and feel happy when you achieve success in life.

They lie to you

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True friends never lie or cheat you. They find it easy to communicate even when there are lesser chances of an agreement. On the other hand, those people who try to hide things from you are not trustworthy. Chronic liars never respect the feelings of other people and always try to use them for selfish reasons.

They envy you


It is all right to be jealous of your friends at times but if someone always feel jealous of you that it must ring the bell. It is an indication that he/she is not a true friend. Such people hold a negative self-image and may prove to be harmful for you in the end. When you find that your friends envy your achievements, you must try to get rid of them. True friends always motivate you to achieve more in life.

They want you to change your

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You must spend time with those people who truly accept you. Those who always try to find faults in you must not be there in your life. Such people always keep pointing out your mistakes and close their eyes to the qualities you possess. If you stay around such people, you may start doubting yourself, which leads to inferiority complex.

Keep yourself around those who value you and respect you as an individual. Positive people turn you into positive self and motivate you to touch new milestones of success. On the contrary, negative people may affect your self-confidence and turn you into a pessimist.

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