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7 Amazing Psychological Tricks To Boost Creativity

Boost Creativity

Some people are born creative. Some nurture the art of creativity. If you are someone who is not gifted with a natural creative bone in your body, fret not. Creativity is a technique. You need motivation and hard work – and creativity will surely knock at your door too. If you are someone who struggles to remain creative despite all the hard work you just put in, here are some of the most amazing psychological tricks to boost creativity. Don’t sit around and wait. Seek inspiration in unique ways to enhance your productivity and train your mind to think outside the box.

Walk, walk, walk

walking boosts and protects various cognitive abilities

Various scientific studies claim that walking boosts and protects various cognitive abilities. It enhances the thinking process, getting your brain’s engines fired up.

A simple 15-20 minute walk can shower on your brain more creative ideas than sitting in a corner – mulling and sulking over the loss of productivity.

So, the next time you are waiting for inspiration to strike you, go take a walk. A simple physical activity – one of the easiest psychological tricks to boost creativity – might just strike you the lightening of creativity, pulling you out of your lazy shell.

Disconnect yourself

writer with no new ideas

Sometimes, a little break is all you need. Say you hit a writer’s block. And you just cannot come up a creative storyline or characterization. Instead of complaining about it, a better option would be to disconnect and distance yourself from this issue.

By doing so, you are giving your brain a break. You are signaling your mind to take some rest, because it has simply overworked itself. Disconnecting yourself with the problem at hand is one of the best psychological tricks to boost creativity.

By the end of this small break, your brain – most likely well-rested – will automatically start generating creative ideas and thought processes. And when you hit the writer’s desk after a mini hiatus, you will be firing up with concepts about your next story.

Encompass yourself in a bubble of inspiration

Go for interiors that attract you

Numerous researches suggest that when you stay within a space filled with inspirational material, you are more likely to think and act creatively. No wonder those posters with inspirational quotes are selling well!

But it is time to face the fact that as only a diamond can cut through a diamond – only inspiration can beckon more inspiration.

Surround yourself with inspirational spaces and things. For a start, ensure that your work-space is well-ventilated and spacious enough. Go for interiors that attract you.

One of the best ways to boost creativity is to place things around you which inspire and energize you. If you do not have such a workspace, then try to create one with anything and everything possible.

Don’t stick to the old formula

Don’t stick to the old formula

If you are facing a problem or an issue at work, do not browse through your brain for the tried and tested ideas. There are chances that these might work, but in the long run, you are simply compromising on the creativity level within you.

One of the best psychological tricks to boost creativity is to train your mind to think outside the box whenever possible or wherever required.

Once you do that, you are most-likely get the creative juices flowing out of your mind. Not only that, but you might also find a unique way to deal with an old situation. It is a win-win.

Allow yourself to daydream

Allow yourself to daydream

When we grow up, we begin to believe that daydreaming is just for kids. Then, we wonder why these kids are way more creative than us. The thing is, the lesser your daydream, the lesser creative you become.

Various psychological studies show that people who daydreamed because they got bored at work performed better in terms of creativity than those who tended to relieve themselves of boredom with the help of the digital world.

It is easy to pick up your phone and scroll through social media everytime your work makes you yawn. But, here is the thing. That phone is not going to boost your creativity. It is just a distraction – aimed at making you even more unproductive.

One of the most amazing ways to boost creativity is to daydream. Within limits, daydreaming is an act that will act like fresh air for your brain. So, simply let yourself daydream for a little while.

Blue is the creative color

Blue is the creative color

According to color psychology, different colors impact our mood, emotion and creativity differently. And if blue is your favorite shade, you are in for some good news. A 2009 study claims that blue helps people think more creatively.

Blue is a color that is usually associated with calm nature, tranquil waters, and everlasting harmony and peace. If you surround yourself with this cool shade of blue, you might be able to boost your creativity.

Blue usually allows people to explore their creativity by surrounding themselves in a safe space – remember, blue is neither overtly vibrant nor underwhelmingly dull. It is a neutral color – safe and peaceful.

So, one of the best psychological tricks to boost creativity is to include blue in your workspace. Maybe you can paint your home office in blue. Or work on a blue laptop. Your desk can have shades of blue too.

Meditate to boost creativity

Meditate to boost creativity

If nothing else works, meditation is always the last resort to get your creative side bubbling. In fact, meditation – which can serve as one of the most effective psychological tricks to boost creativity – is actually the first step in the process.

Meditation is an old-school formula, which usually works wonders. It allows your mind to filter the unnecessary and unwanted thoughts, shut down the negative ones, and create space for the positive and creative ones.

When you face the lack of creativity and productivity in your life, go for some meditation. This will help you to ride the waves of negative, intrusive thoughts and help you focus on the positive, creative ones.

Try to include the meditation practice in your daily routine and see how your brain enables itself time and again to generate more creativity.

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