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Which One They Should Use For Promotion? A, B or C

Hello Friends, Need your help to select one banner. A, B or C.
The exceptional and talented creative designer Vlada Zapashna of the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism has design three remarkable banners for my upcoming keynote speech in Ukraine. I am in a serious dilemma, which one to select. Can you help me select one? Which one they should use for promotion? A, B or C.
Can’t help but appreciate the incredible efforts by my dear friends Violetta, Igor Torskyy, Anna, and Team UAMT, They are doing exceptional work. The event will have speeches from MT mentors and my close friends like Ilan Geva Emin Γ‡akmak Lutz Lungwitz Laila Aljassmi Fawzi Alhammouri Miljenko Bura Anna Weegen Usman Isah and Many more amazing professionals. Really can’t wait to hear from them.
I will deliver a keynote speech on – 3 Strategies to reboost Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism – Innovative Solutions, Holistic Approach, and Integrated Methods. Quite honestly the world is waiting to bounce back, over $50bn of the Medical Tourism business is on hold and as soon as travel gets started we will see a major boost.
Which one they should use for promotion-A, B or C
Which one they should use for promotion-A, B or C
Which one they should use for promotion-A, B or C1
Which one they should use for promotion-A, B or C1
Which one they should use for promotion-A, B or C2
Which one they should use for promotion-A, B or C2


Prem Jagyasi

Question – Is Photo A too soft for my personality, I thought I love the color of suit? Does it not go well with my personality? Need opinion.
Prem Jagyasi

Vanshika Khatri, buddy any comment on photo A, as you are style expert.
Vanshika Khatri

Prem Jagyasi if you were a travel blogger by profession like PM Modi I would have suggested you c 😹
But B is the right one for you as you look more professional and sharp in it πŸ’•
Prem Jagyasi

Vlada Zapashna, May be also share event registration link and event website link, many friends will ask for same.
Usman Isah

Bro. we are proud of you. Thank you for always sharing your knowledge with us. May God increase you in knowledge. More power to your elbows. Remain blessed. Hoping to see you soon.
Vladislava Zapashna

When you have to choose a photo for a speaker, they usually offer one! But Dr. Prem’s creative team suggested about 100 photos to choose from, and my eyes flickered in such a creative! But I love each of these banners, but which one are you for❓
Anna Kyrychenko

πŸ€” hmm, I prefer white jacket
Marta Troshchak

Prem Jagyasi with pleasure, can not skip such speakers πŸ˜‰
Malou Castillo

photo A is very professional suit to wear..second one is cool..it defends what kind of event you should go..being a speaker makes comfortable to stand in front of them..
Taoufik Mhenni

Good luck
Anna Weegen

White jacket πŸ†
Karanza Patekar

You look dashing in all
But the 3rd one looks spectacular πŸ‘
Dolly Khatri

All three awesome β™₯️🌹no words and can’t choose any one❀️
Neha Patel

“A” banner is looking stunning going with your personality
Ansari Shoeb

Thoughtful one is impressive one
Katherine Makarenko

Beautiful banners! πŸ‘πŸ”₯πŸ‘
I vote for everything! 😍
Komal Rathi

A is the best
Garv Jagyasi

B looks professional πŸ‘Œ
Shamila B

2nd one looks clean and suits i guess!
Pronati Sengupta

The 2nd one is the most Dashing among all 3. It looks more thoughtful and intellectual. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
Desh Sharma

1. As it goes without a caption, I think that you think it has more than one connotations which you want people to understand and appreciate.
2. Traditional attire, for sure.
3. I think #3 is comparatively more elegant than the other two.
Jay Khatri

2 – the professional 😎
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