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How Are You Managing Your Time?

I am loving this period of lock down, so much to introspect that I could not do in years. So much new to learn everyday. Me and my e-books, a pair made in heaven.
There is reason I am not posting way too many posts and stories these days, simply there is so much to grasp than just to share. I am on cloud 9 and on learning curve of my life. Feeling more rejuvenated and blissed.

Here are new things I am doing

– Creating more audio and visual content, exciting time ahead.
– Learning new skills specially Artificial Intelligence.
– Playing chess, and oh boy, losing badly most of the time. 🤣😂🤣😂
– Gulping knowledge nourishment from ebooks and book summary apps.
On top of this, there is no single dull moment in my work from home life, Naman and Manan are making sure that I am tortured with joy and happiness.
So, how are you managing your time?? Whats new?


Dridi Fathi –  Great Dr.Prem
Alina Deaconu – So much to learn from you ,Dr  Prem Jagyasi
Ajay Grover –  Great Dr.Prem
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